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morland 10-05-2009 06:56 AM

Installing 2 versions of MS-Office?
I am using XP Pro. 202 (SP2). Currently I have Office 2003 SP1 installed.

I wanted to know if I can also install Office 2007 (I believe that is the latest version) and be able to use use both versions of Office without

running into any problems.

Has anyone tried this and does it work with any problems? Any special things to be taken care of while doing this?

Will appreciate your help.


Gunilla 27-05-2011 04:18 AM

Re: Installing 2 versions of MS-Office?
Hello morland, that was an interesting question which many people have asked. And the answer to your asked question is YES. It is possible for Windows user to install two different version of Microsoft Office in its system. Thus you can install Windows Office 2007 in your system along with your already installed Microsoft Office 2003 version of the application. but i would recommend you to just install the Office 2007 as it consists of all the features which were already present in the earlier version of Office. Thus keeping two different version of same application seems to be very dumb to me.

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