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WaGoN 04-05-2009 01:56 PM

Toshiba NB202 netBook
Toshiba has just presented its new range of Mini Notebooks NB200 which were created to meet the needs of users wishing you a high-end compact, but also design, elegant, while remaining efficient.

With the range NB200, composed of NB202, Toshiba engineers have sought to respect the strengths of the brand: design, communication, performance, making the Mini NB200 equipment upscale

The exclusive texture of 3D Mini NB200 design gives it an upscale feel and smooth under your fingers. His brown glossy, trendy and stylish will be followed soon by snow white, pale pink and blue indigo.

Lightweight (1.1 Kg for the NB202 battery with 3 cells and 1.3 kilograms for NB200 with its 6-cell battery) with a comfortable 10.1-inch screen with LED backlighting, allowing for better quality Image and autonomy due to lower consumption, this new model is ideal for use in a mobile situation. Share photos with friends for a coffee with the Bluetooth or memory card 2 in 1, write a dissertation in a library, send an email, WiFi or surf the web during a train ride, the Mini provides NB200 4 to 9 hours a comfortable range (for batteries 3 to 6 cells) - and sustainable use, without recharging the battery too often.

Mini NB200 is equipped with an Intel Atom Processor N280 1.66 GHz Intel 945GSE chipset, providing enough power to surf the web, using its e-mail, run basic applications like word processing and use of multimedia content - the 4 main uses reserved for mini notebooks. Mini NB200 connects easily to the outside world. It loads an interface wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 b / g), a Bluetooth interface, three USB 2.0 connectors, one with Sleep & Charge mode, the famous technology to recharge MP3 player.

With its range NB200, Toshiba has designed a range of features designed to make life easier. The keyboard takes money surrounding the same ease of use of a standard keyboard 15 '4 and the Touch Pad is large and pleasant. An accelerometer sensor 3D2 can detect free fall, shock and vibration. The head is then removed from the data medium to protect data stored on the hard disk of large capacity (up to 160 GB).

Darsheet 04-05-2009 02:00 PM

Re: Toshiba NB202 netBook
It's very great i would really like to buy this laptop can you tell me what is minimum it's starts from.

Ramchandra 04-05-2009 02:02 PM

Re: Toshiba NB202 netBook
The minimum Configuration for NB202 includes black design, equipped with an Intel Atom Processor N270 clocked at 1.6 GHz.

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