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Spykar 25-04-2009 10:45 AM

X-Men Origins - Wolverine : Xbox 360 Preview
Soon appears X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and we recently got the chance to advance to get started with the destructive clutches of Wolverine - aka Logan. In all the rest were a large part of the first chapter of the game play, to see what these fighter in house.

The part that we could play is set in a jungle environment also partly in the film is shown. Where the gameplay is certainly fun for an hour, this passage from the story in the film only a few minute. You will find in the game so many things against which little or no in the movie are. The game is certainly not one-to-one copy of the movie. As is so often stories in the film shortly be typed in the game more depth.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not difficult to drive, although the demands honesty to say that we have an earlier presentation of Activision different movements all over had come to see. We knew so soon to find our way to Logan and all rending claws. While Wolverine of course a known character from the world of the X-Men, Logan is put down as a new character. Obviously, because the story is about the origin of Logan aka Wolverine. The gameplay provides the additional advantage that the player step by step is disclosed the ability of the fighter.

Liters of blood

It gives a special feeling to see your enemies on a simple way, using only the simplest attacks, able to cut into pieces. From the moment that more complex moves to come, is X-Men Origins: Wolverine really interesting, and then you immediately understand why the game plus a 18-stamp it. Logan takes interesting attacks, which frequently involve the waste of liters of blood and split into two entities and other graphic displays of violence.

Spykar 25-04-2009 10:48 AM

Re: X-Men Origins - Wolverine : Preview
Brief impressions

Let's be honest, that's what the fight with Wolverine attractive. Anyone looking forward to this game want to know how to fight with his claws Adama events. Wolverine is a fighting machine. His indestructible skeleton, his self-healing property and superhuman physical strength together that he can endure many obstacles and enemies in a row pieces may decide.

A good example of the lethal power of Logan, the Lung-attack, which he at long distance to an enemy jumps to direct his claws in his chest to reproduce. Logan can quickly kill an enemy by him to hold and a quick kill to implement. Based on the timing of this procedure carries a bloody finisher Logan, of which there are quite a lot in the game are. Also he likes to use the environment, a pointed stick for example, lends itself perfectly to enemies to spears.

Visible damage

Apart from standard enemies Logan is also stronger against variants. So we came under other face to face with an enemy who was on fire and that several fire attacks possession. This meeting provided, but a dead enemy, beautiful effects in the model character of Logan. That was clearly visible how his skin was scorched and damaged, and then automatically restored. The effect of explosions is clearly visible on the body of Logan, with a good bang is even a part of the events Adama skeleton visible.

In the vicinity are matters which Logan could use to kill his enemies, so that your creativity to run free can fight them. While fighting certainly plays an important role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, there is more to watch the game. In the jungle environment, we know Wolverine's Feral instincts. We knew that they include a way the game the right way would send. It has the lowest difficulty level, even a constant stream of blue visible, indicating which way you should walk.


By the end of our play session we were still up against a big monster that rocks at Logan tries to throw. It is illustrative of the variety you'll find in the fighting. Where Logan normal soldiers is supreme, should the giant another way to follow. The down is not easy, but once did, that satisfaction.

Spykar 25-04-2009 11:07 AM

Re: X-Men Origins - Wolverine : Preview

Our play session was short, and not all X-Men Origins: Wolverine has to offer was in away. Yet we have great fun and the session is to taste more. Graphics are the game are male and the action is just as you would expect from a game around Wolverine. The man may be in the 'good' to hear, he is anything but a lieverdje. And that is a good thing, because that makes the fight with claws, brute strength, speed and self-healing power is a lot nicer on. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is available from next week.

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