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Anwar 23-04-2009 12:55 PM

Programs get Crash on XML Files
Hey Guys,

I'm having a strange problem on my pc, whenever i try to browse any folder with the support of XML file, it get crash without giving me any kind of error message. But when i try to rename the file from the command line, it works fine. So, i'm dam sure that the problem is with the XML file. What can i o to get rid of the above problem? Does any body have any idea about the above issue? Any kind of information would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Praetor 23-04-2009 01:43 PM

Re: Programs get Crash on XML Files
Replace "packagename" with the actual package name, you do not need the entire name right down to the rpm extension, just the package name without version numbers and stuff. This way, the output should also post a URL of the repository it can't access to read the repomd.xml file. Then we can click on that URL to see if it's valid.

Katty 23-04-2009 01:53 PM

Re: Programs get Crash on XML Files
Other programs running, and operating system utilities, take up some of that space also, and of course Stylus Studio needs some. And XML files, when they are rendered in memory, have some overhead. There are a few XML diff products which use different architectures to get around some of these limitations, you might try DeltaXML.

Assuming you're not comparing two randomly-selected XML files, there are usually ways to determine what sorts of changes you are looking for, and then strategies for diffing them can be made. But for general diffing, that's a hard problem.

kelfro 23-04-2009 01:54 PM

Re: Programs get Crash on XML Files
If your report is about a crash or a third-party plugin:

Remember: we don't support third-party plugins, such as those in the Purple Plugin Pack, encryption plugins, etc. We didn't develop those plugins and can't help you with those issues. (A sizable majority of crashes are caused by misbehaving plugins.)

1. Make sure your plugins are of the most current version available.

2. Disable plugins you have loaded (one by one) until you eliminate the source of the crash. *If your crash is a crash on startup, you can try renaming the prefs.xml file in .purple to something such as prefs.xml.old to force a startup without plugins. Note that this will lose all settings stored there.
  • If you renamed prefs.xml, enable plugins one at a time and try to reproduce the crash. Unload those plugins that don't cause the crash to aid troubleshooting. Once you have narrowed the cause down, continue with the instructions.
  • If disabling a specific plugin solves the crash, make sure your plugins are all updated to the most current release.

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