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Regina 21-04-2009 02:36 PM

Sharp SH-06A 10 MP mobile phone released in May
With the 10 million pixel mobile phone Sharp SH-06A exposure on the network, this phone will be the people's widespread concern, especially when it will release more content has become a concern. Recently, this has drawn greater attention flagship image of Sharp mobile phones not only in the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) review of the debut test, but media reports from Japan, for the first time it will be revealed on May 15 this year held the NTT DoCoMo new summer conference of the news was officially launched. More remarkable is that in addition to Sharp SH-06A has been provided through the FCC to determine image pixel of its 10 million mobile phones in his capacity as the outside, in the past exposure of the Sharp 933SH for Softbank also announced a 10 million-pixel CCD built heavyweight camera phone lens.

Sharp as a result of SH-06 is currently only in beta, so the U.S. Federal Communications Commission testing did not document the picture plane more information. However, according to information received, the aircraft was seen as eight million pixel mobile phone Sharp SH-03A version of the upgrade, in the form will also be used on rotating two-axis design, but will upgrade the hardware specifications of the ways the difference with the past. For example, compared to SH-03A aircraft is concerned, will be equipped with 3.3-inch 16,770,000-color New Mobile ASV LCD, and provide the same 480 854 pixels, such as ultra-high resolution and ultra-high 2000:1 contrast ratio and features such as anti-reflection. Secondly, it also brought together a number of other mobile phone Sharp features, such as the Touch Cruiser will provide the optical fingerprint recognition function, for the user's privacy and the use of safety with better protection.

The biggest selling point this not only through the images from the FCC confirmed the Sharp SH-06A will be built 10 million-pixel camera CDD veracity, but it will be further demonstrated using a 28 mm wide-angle lens and the use of 10 million-pixel CCD sensor technical specifications. Although it has yet to take pictures of specific functional features, but based on past Sharp pixel 8,000,000 outstanding mobile performance, I believe, such as mechanical shutter, high sensitivity settings, facial recognition autofocus, six-axis camera shake correction function and many other everything should be. As for the other functions of mobile phones, Sharp SH-06A will be equipped with 0.8 inches 36 96 pixel external screen white EL, mobile phones, compared with size of 111mm 50mm 16.0mm (most thick 19.9mm), weight 135 grams. However, it is said as in the past to increase water-proof function is not clear. It is learned that the Sharp SH-06 will be held May 15 in New NTT DoCoMo summer conference was officially released.

Regina 21-04-2009 02:37 PM

Re: Sharp SH-06A 10 MP mobile phone released in May
As for the Sharp 933SH synchronous appearance even though the picture from the FFC does not clearly indicate its built-in camera parameters, but that according to Japanese media, this is a customized cell phone company Softbank will also be built 10 million-pixel CCD camera and Sharp as a release this year, tens of millions of pixels and a cell phone. It is worth mentioning that, from the Japanese news media also showed that the aircraft will be equipped with Apical developed image processing technology "Dynamic Range", the character is reversible, such as in the case of a greater contrast of light to obtain a better quality of the photos. Other aspects, Sharp 933SH will also use 2-axis rotary design, and support for GSM / WCDMA / HSDPA network and has GPS navigation, as well as features such as Bluetooth technology. Some of it is a pity that it is not clear in the specific configuration screen. In addition, it is still unclear although the specific release time, but Japanese media have reported it's the beginning of the field of film mode, which not only further confirmed that the aircraft will be built 10 million-pixel camera that , and can not be ruled out before it was officially SH-06A may be released.

Although only the tip of the iceberg is visible, but this Sharp 2 million pixels, or is it looking forward to the phone. Especially in likely landing Sharp 933SH the context of the domestic market is even more reason for us to be more Sharp 933SH attention.

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