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MrChris- 26-03-2009 08:33 AM

Windows Home Server Power Pack 2
Microsoft has just released a major update to its operating system for home server. For the time reserved for the English version, this second Power Pack for Windows Home Server brings fixes, improvements and new features.

The functionality of remote access have been improved. Page setup has been simplified and the diagnostic tool is now an Internet service that helps determine if the machine is not accessible from outside. The default settings have been refined.

With the tool Windows Media Center Connector, which the installation is automatically proposed, computers and compatible devices (Extenders) connected to the server automatically have access to multimedia content (music, photos, videos) that are stored . In addition, the MP4 files are shared on the network and if necessary ordered by title, artist and other metadata.

Power Pack 2 offers Windows Home Server users the following awesomeness:
  • Improvements to Remote Access
  • Enhanced Functionality for PCs running Windows Media Center (via Windows Media Center Connector)
  • Content Streaming Support for Windows Media Center Extenders

Media Sharing & Windows Media Center

When the Windows Home Server Connector software is installed or updated on a Windows Media Center computer, the next time a user starts Windows Media Center they will be prompted to install the Windows Media Center Connector.

? Windows Media Center computers will automatically have access to content stored in shared folders on the home server. Music, Photos, Videos, and Recorded TV folders are enabled by default.

? Windows Media Center Extenders can access and stream multimedia content stored on the home server. Access permission can be granted on an individual folder basis.

? Windows Home Server now supports streaming MP4 files, a popular format for high quality multimedia, to Xbox 360 and other devices that support the MP4 format. Metadata such as title, artist, composer, album, and genre now appears in the music or video library.

jesse 26-03-2009 08:38 AM

Re: Windows Home Server Power Pack 2
Very useful to manage some computers, allows you to save all the pc at either automatically store the multimedia files that may have access via the PS3 for example ...
Personally it's really useful, I hope he will have corrected the bug of the connector with XP that makes the PC when out of standby, it is likely to return instantly.

tarang 26-03-2009 08:39 AM

Re: Windows Home Server Power Pack 2
Windows Home Server lets me do a backup of all of my shared folders. So I do have backups of my important data from my Windows Home Server. My Windows Home Server backs my data up onto an external harddrive connected to it.

SalVatore 26-03-2009 08:40 AM

Re: Windows Home Server Power Pack 2
Not bad history to have all the data on the same machine ... but is it profitable? seeing the prices of hard drives? outside of file sharing and hosting site .....

I think that a Media Center machine in the lounge would be more interesting for end-user that a home server ...

Walby 26-03-2009 08:41 AM

Re: Windows Home Server Power Pack 2
It may very well known and have not bothered to set it all to small onions ... A little why I switched to OS X Server so that I could have the same services with Linux ...

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