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Dorota 25-03-2009 02:24 PM

Many problems in KDE and Gnome
Hello everyone, I just installed Linux on the laptop from a friend (A Compaq 6715b), I left and I added Gnome KDE 4.1 as graphical environment.

However, I encounter some problems:

My friend plays Alphabounce, which uses the Adobe Flash Player Plugin (Mozilla Firefox), and the game works, but with "flashes" quite unpleasant. For info, the graphics card is quite correct (ATI, whose owner driver is active on both desktop environments).

Under KDE-only, it will automatically mute after a while (there's actually an LED touch silent above the keyboard, and it activates itself after a time that seems to be always the same)

The bluetooth works, but the phone of my friend does not detect the computer (while the computer detects it)

"I accidentally turned the icon of Network-Manager (Gnome) on the taskbar, and I would like to know how to deliver

-Firefox has some problems of dimensions of web pages, and are quite "thin" (my friend send a screenshot on this topic after it will have created an account here ), And some pages are slightly bent / telescoped (Examples: Alphabounce)

My friend can spend on this topic to complete the list, thank you in advance for your answers

deoWo 25-03-2009 02:28 PM

Re: Many problems in KDE and Gnome
I did research on the "silent automatic" but apparently some people are concerned (and not on Linux), but there was no response and it is quite frustrating.

Moreover, for aMSN, no way to activate the accents, even changing the character encoding (utf8 now).

For the bluetooth, will see if there is no other software to transfer by bluetooth for Ubuntu 8.10, and if I put a small Windows XP partition to 40 GB in the meantime, but please, if you think you have a solution to one problems, we tell the

Again thank you in advance

need Tos 25-03-2009 02:29 PM

Re: Many problems in KDE and Gnome
If not for other problems, I do not know how to solve it too. Flash, in particular, it has never been top on Linux ...

You should maybe more answers if you summed up in 2-3 words the most important problems in the subtitle of the topic but a little more precisely, so that people have noticed that the answer can help you

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