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Jocelyn_g 25-03-2009 02:04 PM

Various problems under Ubuntu 8.10
I managed to install Ubuntu 8.10 on a HP 6715b (adding noapic and acpi = off for the installation and Grub).
But now, I still have a packet of problems ...

First, most importantly, I can not connect to my wi-fi network: with a material requiring a special installation, I hack some stuff (sorry, I can not remember exactly what I do ...). Indeed, Ubuntu connects to my wi-fi, but less than 10 seconds it disconnects but is over until the next reboot ...

Then, the symbol of the battery is still on "The computer is connected to AC ... not very practical for a laptop!

Also, from time to time, randomly, the computer freezes completely: the mouse does not move, the keyboard does nothing (or Ctrl + Alt + F1 or Ctrl + Alt + Backspace) ... I have to stop the computer "on barbaric": the power button.

In the computer, there is the bar that Ubuntu is "empty", then I have a black screen and I must press the stop button ... weird ...

Finally, the least important, how to change the usplash? I installed Ubuntu (ie Gnome) and then I installed KDE and now, only at startup, I have the Kubuntu usplash.

That ... thank you for your patience to read this topic ...
I hope you have answers ... (even for the least important problems ...).
I quietly take advantage of Ubuntu

Birdie 25-03-2009 02:06 PM

Re: Various problems under Ubuntu 8.10
problems are due to the api off (turns off the pc not alone )

And good luck because with this model I have ever xD successful coup took a 6735b but the graphics card whistles ... Only my vista 64 running smoothly ... damage

deoWo 25-03-2009 02:22 PM

Re: Various problems under Ubuntu 8.10
For now, I only have the problems described above. Fortunately ...

I think I'll wait for Ubuntu 9.04, hoping that one or two problems will be solved ... Hope gives life.

I did not choose this laptop (6715b): I was offered by the General Council of 13 (I'm in 3rd). I never chose this laptop, I think!

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