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fumble 21-03-2009 06:40 PM

Send Large Files from Outlook 2007 through
Sending large files through email is always a concern due to the maximum allowable size being limited to 10MB or less. However, now with Outlook add-on, you don?t have to worry about this anymore since it allows users to send large files of up to 5GB via Outlook 2007 without much restriction.

Once you get the add-on installed, you will see the additional tab, named as appears in the Outtlook. Under this tab, there are few buttons available such as ?Upload File and Insert Link?, ?Insert Link from, ?Insert My Meeting Room URL?, ?Sign In? and ?Preferences? for selection.

Before you can upload files, you must have the account and get signing in. By then, it will allow you upload files to its web server followed by a URL of the file being provided in your composed message, so that recipients can download files from the link directly. The uploaded file can be configured as ?Open Access? or ?Restricted Access?. ?Open Access? mean this file can be downloaded by recipients without requiring them to login to, whereas ?Restricted Access? will need them to login to in order to download the file. Outlook add-on is compatible to run with Outlook 2007. Too bad that Outlook 2003 or older version is not supported. If you think this is useful, just go and download it here.


Spykar 21-03-2009 06:42 PM

Re: Send Large Files from Outlook 2007 through
Send large files with Outlook and YouSendIt. YouSendIt, MailBigFile and a host of other web services have popped up due to the simple fact that most email services won't let you send really large attachments. While Google upped its email attachment limit to 20MB this week, if you've got a 100MB file, you're still better off using a third party service.

Daniel Weston 21-10-2009 08:42 PM

Re: Send Large Files from Outlook 2007 through
Adobe's service is interesting, but there are some important limitations to be aware of. The plugin described in this thread requires Outlook, which isn't free. Most home users don't have Outlook (which is different from Outlook Express, completely). If you do have Outlook, you're probably at an office where you might not have access rights to install software, and administrators will want to avoid support issues on user desktops. I don't even know if this software works with Mac.

For these reasons, web browser based solutions are very popular. They work for all operating systems, and no software installation is required. Other members of this forum have posted about some of these large file transfer websites. The one I use is sendtoperson when I need to send large files. After trying several of them, this was the only one I could find that allowed me to make my own server on my own domain name, and have unlimited user accounts. All the other services required me to pay per user, which means I have to manage the user accounts, add / delete, it's a pain. Also their branding was all over everything, which didn't help my business very much. With the sendtoperson service I'm using my own branding on everything. I'm talking about their team service here, which is subscription based. But you can use their service for individuals free.

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