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JPGargoyle 16-03-2009 05:45 PM

Codename Panzers : Cold War PC Game (Preview)
Published by: Atari
Developed by: Stormregion
Release Date: March 10, 2009
Genre: Real-Time Strategy

The development studio Storm Region has ever specialized in games that take place in the Second World War. The Hungarians are famous with their two Codename Panzer titles, and after Phase One and Phase Two is now the third part in this real-time strategy series delivered. The developers have released their new title is not allowed to make in the wake of the original publisher - 10Tacle Studios - also had to Storm Region last year, the doors close. The development of the game was over by InnoGlow and eventually the title Atari has picked up and released.

Tested on: PC

The latest Codename Panzer has no logical subtitle 'Phase Three', although 'Cold War'. Apparently the developers took the time for renewal in the storyline, and that renewal is that Cold War does not during the Second World War, but in the years after playing. After the Russians in 1949 Berlin isolated, the Western allies organized an air bridge to supply the population. The real history was this good, but in the alternative history of Codename Panzer this action leads to a confrontation between the Western Allies and the Russians. The result is a new world war.

Chopping and sawing

In this CP, the potential for a force to your hand to continue to expand, but the design of the game is still more Codename Panzer and thus remarkably simple. For those not familiar with the series in Codename Panzer you do, unlike most RTS games, not to worry about gathering resources to make them to build units. " With locations on the map and to conquer the enemy in the pan to cut collectables you prestige points, that makes your army both quantitative and qualitative boost can give.

Points of Interest

Each folder has different POIs - Points of Interests "- which, depending on the type, different benefits. For example, radar stations which the position of enemies in the 'fog of war' - the thick fog on the enemy part of the map - can be extracted, and helicopter pads where you can fly in reinforcements. Useful tools, which provide one of the vleugjes strategy in the game. Depending on the enemy resistance and your own resources, it is worthwhile for a priority to use the POIs that the most benefit.

Units adjust

With prestige points you can purchase new units and upgrades for existing units. You can tank, for example an anti-aircraft artillery or additional requirements, or their course by a flame thrower. The latter adjustment could soon prove its worth, by the crew of an enemy tank roast and your soldiers then driving them up, add a free Pantagruel to your army. Another useful enhancement is the addition of a repair kit in your APC-armored vehicle. Send your tanks on the battlefield and you upgraded APC is in the vicinity, then repair the damage.


Obviously you resolved the struggle not only with armored vehicles. In Cold War infantry plays a major supporting role. It is a good case to use the opportunities that have different classes of soldiers. Engineers can lay mines and repair items creation, Medics to fellow soldiers in the leg and an emergency hospital construction, there are anti-tank units and there are commands that unseen behind the lines to come. All you tend to fight for the armor to the left for various reasons, worth saving to your troops. With some regularity you will get for example the decision on armored vehicles by the enemy left behind - or that you've grilled the crew - and you can only take over by your own soldiers to be deployed.

Scorched earth

This all lends Codename Panzer: Cold War itself - full compliance with the series - not for extensive strategic reflection. Both the campaign and Skirmish you usually do not escape to your troops simply "fog of war 'to send, but then waiting as they walk by the body. Sometimes you will be helped by icons that show that your soldiers, for example an enemy tank are driving, but the surprise effect remains large. It is therefore appropriate to take a kind of 'tactic of scorched earth' to apply by air to ask and an important part of the plat map to throw with napalm or rockets. Especially in the beginning of the campaign to get easily away with a fairly crude approach. It sounds as if the game offers little challenge, but that is it. In the beginning you get all the time without you having to make a thorough military strategy, the full potential of your army there. After the first missions in this war requires Codename Panzer still a more serious approach.

War Movies

Despite the fact that the game never really inductive strategic depth, there is always more work to do to pass, especially on the allocation of prestige points. Use them for napalm bombing, for additional units ordered, or to reinforce your existing armies?

Picture in Picture

A nice addition to the series is the possibility to set up cameras in conquered territory. With 'Picture in Picture ", you can mini-screen monitor or enemy troops are forthcoming, so not all access to your area physically need to be monitored. Moreover, you can do against this reaction towards the enemy capabilities, allowing you to prevent you ten tanks to a site that sends only attacked by a handful of soldiers. If PIP is also to the strategic elements in the game. Course is the fact that your units gain experience during a mission to do the same. With fresh troops and tanks the 'fog of war' to march, units may last missions survived by their experience to develop the lot then - literally - to make. This ultimately choose military quality instead of quantity.

JPGargoyle 16-03-2009 05:46 PM

Re: Codename Panzers : Cold War PC Game ( Preview)
Artificial intelligence

In singleplayer, the opposition gradually always more bars, but the AI is not always understanding. An example you see as you Skirmish battles begins. After the singleplayer campaign is a bit raw Skirmish on your roof. The campaign has - exactly by the book - a friendly building, but a Skirmish battle-you from the beginning treated to torrential rain heavy tank grenades and napalm bombs. If this wall of death and destruction to circumvent, set your armored vehicles around your base camp and a group of engineers lay mines on the main access roads.

While the fight is then concentrated around your base camp, send a group of commands unseen on POI conquests. The AI reacts to lack accurate, and in any case far too slow, so you're dragging prestige points and extra tanks and troops can buy. With a nice majesty then no more big job to Victory! Screen on your monitor to get. Who has finished the singleplayer campaign and Skirmish mode, waiting on four multiplayer modes, three seem to revolve around obtaining a quantity of prestige points and the pinch of POIs. This part we have not tested it, for lack of populated servers during the review.

Beautifully violence

Although the game a bit flat and I know that occasionally a stitch is dropped, Cold War is an addictive game. That is partly by the extensive gameplay options, but perhaps more important is that the game from adding bursts of graphical fireworks. Explosions and fires are beautifully displayed and perfectly decorated folders are a feast for the eyes.

It is worth one of the few quiet moments to look around again. Then you see, for example, the characteristic heat to the engine vibration of a fly helicopter, armored vehicles realistically use their brake lights and a world that is equipped with beautiful real-time shadows. These are details, but the sum of them leads to an impressive world. And then we have not mentioned that Cold War, like his predecessor, has different weather. In addition to the appearance, the weather also affect the visibility of your troops, and certain choices in the game. If it rains and you pay sight is affected, it might be a nice idea for a radar station to pick up before you go.


Reverse all that graphic violence is that the game - even on a PC with a large configuration - sometimes small glitches shows. The irritation this is reinforced by the auto-save feature, which is with very great regularity to ensure that the game just stopped. The developers have only partly attracted little criticism of the votes in the previous Codename Panzer games. The sound of explosions and weapons in Cold War no longer beautiful, but the stupid comment of your soldiers you had better be able to. Like the one-liner "Our units are under attack, Commander", which sounds like your efforts and attack the enemy has the nerve to go back to shooting. This is not only annoying but also very necessary, if only because you are on your mini can see where the fight takes place.


Codename Panzer: Cold War has become a great strategy. The game has been as bad, taking the line of the series, but he offers plenty of innovation and improvement to the seasoned fan to speak. For newcomers the game has a nice low entry threshold, while the potential for a sufficiently long time to remain interesting, if not in singleplayer or multiplayer - though we have not had an opportunity to test those modes. That the game is not always running smoothly, to automatically save and oats blow has an irritating voice-over, is amply compensated by the graphical splendor. This Cold War not only does justice to the Codename Panzer series, it is above all a feast for the eye.

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