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mauricio 16-03-2009 04:31 PM

Watchmen: The End Is Nigh (PC)
The derivatives market has become so important that a big release films can now be conceived without its adaptation gaming event and the beginning of March, Watchmen: Keepers, could obviously not escape this rule. Developed by small boys from Deadline Games on behalf of Warner Interactive, this adaptation arrives on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 via download platforms. If several components are already provided, we test the first of them available now.

"All the women and politicians will look and shout" save us "... and in a whisper, I say "no" "

While Watchmen film tells the story of several of these super-hero created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, the game is limited him to two of them: The Owl and Rorschach. It is no question of resuming the script for the film and adventure produced by Deadline Games is taking place some ten years before the movie Zack Snyder. The Watchmen are not yet at retirement, even if their actions do not please everyone. Thus, the game begins with riots in Sing Sing and even if the prison is overwhelmed, he refuses the help of our hero, the Owl and Rorschach, which must act without his consent.

This database serves as a starting point to a scenario in six chapters with little imagination and above all a frighteningly short life as we sadly reported a successful release. In view of the two characters available, the opportunity to play solo or cooperative, we could expect a life correct. It is unfortunately nothing and most gifted of us will not exceed three hours of play! So of course, Watchmen has sold 18 euros on a PC and a little less on consoles, but you must admit that it's still expensive the moment.

These passed even worse than the concept used here is used to the rope. The developers have yet achieved a technically successful: some jerks ruin a little console, but the character modeling is good, pleasing textures and special effects (light, water) efficient. In addition, the principle of good old beat them up where there is always hitting the "vilain" alone or with a friend we have been providing good times. Unfortunately, the level designs are much too wise, the progress of our hero is uninteresting and the whole is sinking fast in the monotony.

After only the second chapter, the player has the impression of having discovered all the tricks of the game action and recognize that this impression does that then occur. Some combos are trying to put a little spice to our adventure, but without success and the player does the fighting beard and "puzzles" where you can operate one or two levers to break the stalemate. Finally, to make matters worse, this is marred by Watchmen management cameras also very primary. The action is not already exciting then if one half to a magnifying glass!


With high concept, the video game adaptation of a hit movie did not chance to the smaller guys at Deadline Games. These have yet careful work with a realization of quality that can not reproach a boring management cameras. Unfortunately, the form is not enough and there must be a minimum work hard so that the sauce takes. This is not the case with Watchmen that does just matching flavor without fighting through levels completely insipid. Apart from the technical side of things, Watchmen has the failure that does not deserve your attention ...

MattyBoy 16-03-2009 04:34 PM

Re: Watchmen: The End Is Nigh (PC)
lol, here is one film that I missed but the game will be better for those who love this genre! the film is pretty dull and I found it boring.

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