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kyokusanagi 11-03-2009 07:33 PM

Need help Motherboard manual.
I got one motherboard that bought from a stupid guy who didn't understand my language at all, now i have to suffer the pain of the loss money.

So, i need your help to find out that motherboard manual because i need to check the I/O .

Here is my motherboard picture.

Hope who will come in and help me.

Very appreciated!

Killen 12-03-2009 07:56 AM

Re: Need help Motherboard manual.
What I/O are you looking for? IDE ports? Those in yellow and green colour are the IDE ports [to connect Hard disks and CD-ROMs] Please mention in details... All the best!

Hardwareman 12-03-2009 08:05 AM

Re: Need help Motherboard manual.
Here i have attached the Manual for your Motherboard... You will need Adobe Acrobat reader 8.1 or higher to read it... Download it...
All the best!

kyokusanagi 12-03-2009 08:28 AM

Re: Need help Motherboard manual.
Sorry i didn't state out the problem.

Here is the actual motherboard manual but still thanks to Hardwareman, your manual also might work too.

Now i show you my motherboard manual and what problem i happen now.

The manual

And the problem

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