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Larry ward 10-03-2009 08:37 PM

Das Keyboard
The new Das Keyboard Professional meshes clean lines and a sharp aesthetic with some of the best mechanical keys you can find on a keyboard. Gamers and touch-typists, take note.

The new Das Keyboard has been totally redesigned, inside and out. The Das Keyboard Professional provides the best typing experience combined with a modern glossy look and useful features.

Das Keyboard has been designed for people who spend many hours a day working on a computer and for whom typing productivity and comfort does matter. There are two models in Das keyboard.Both Das Keyboard Professional and Ultimate models are identical except that the Ultimate is a blank keyboard (there are no inscriptions on the keys).

The Professional strives to be the dream board for touch typers and gamers. While the other new model, The Ultimate, maintains the traditional lack of inscriptions, the Professional puts them back on for the sake of the average typist. This USB keyboard, which is compatible with PCs, Macs, Linux boxes, and game consoles, sports a 6.6 foot high-quality USB cable and acts as a USB 2.0 hub: two ports are located discreetly on the right side of the unit, allowing you to clean up the clutter around your machine for cables that you frequently add and remove. The real stars of the show here, though, are the keys.

As a gaming keyboard, the Professional does away with the cosmetics and opts out of the additional data screen for the sake of pure key response bliss. The most noteworthy add for gamers is the "n-key" rollover, which allows input of up to 12 key presses simultaneously without jamming. This means that those vicious bouts of num-key spamming during a World of Warcraft duel will go unhindered by the computer's cries for input mercy.

Larry ward 10-03-2009 08:41 PM

Re: Das Keyboard
Das Keyboard sports best-in-class German-engineered gold-plated mechanical key switches that provide tactile and audio feedback making typing a pure joy.
German-engineered mechanical key switches:

Das Keyboard compares to the legendary IBM model M. Its best-in-class mechanical gold-plated key switches provide a tactile and audio click that makes typing pure joy.

USB 2.0 hub:

The high-speed USB hub allows to sync and charge your iPhone and iPod or any USB compatible devices.

Extra-long USB cable:

Das Keyboard sports 2-meter (6.6ft) cable that can go through your desk grommet in order to keep your workspace neat and tidy

N-Key rollover:

Das Keyboard allows up to 12 keys to be pressed simultaneously. Great for fast typists and gamers alike.

System requirements:

PC or Mac, Windows, Linux, or Mac OSX.
One USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 port, no driver required.

Without question, the Das Keyboard Professional is a great product for touch-typists and gamers looking for simplicity and quality above all else. It doesn't have very many frills, and it's loud, but the USB hub is a nice addition, and the keyboard is built remarkably well. The true testament to the unit, though, came when I found myself hesitant to want to pack up the review unit and send it back. Though it's hard to avoid high subjectivity in the matter, there's something distinct about the feel of the Das Keyboard that you just won't find anywhere else. Sure, there are cheaper keyboards that rival the Das in simplicity, and more expensive ones that outdo it in functionality, but none feel as good as the Professional. Your hands will come to crave it.

O'Brian 10-03-2009 09:26 PM

Re: Das Keyboard
he Das Keyboard may strike you at first with its extremely plain looks compared to some other options on the market. There are no fancy LCD screens, built-in media buttons, macro keys or touch-sensitive pads. What you do get, however, is a basic keyboard layout with a glossy black enclosure, mechanical switches on every key and a built-in two-port USB hub. This minimalist look and feel is exactly what the team over Metadot was aiming for.

Das Keyboard technical information:
  • Glossy black upper enclosure with matching black USB cable, Darth Vader approved.
  • Mechanical key switches with gold contacts
  • Two-port USB hub 1.1 and 2.0 compatible
  • Blue LEDs
  • 2-meter (6.6ft) USB cable
  • Enhanced 104 or 105-key layout
  • Three Windows keys
  • Dimensions: 18in x 6.5in x 1in (thickest portion, feet not extented, 1.5in w/ extended feet)
  • Weight: 1.2 Kg, 2.6 lbs

System requirements:
  • Windows, Linux, or MacOS X
  • One USB port
  • Mac users can swap the command/control/options keys to match the Mac keyboard layout using the MacOS X keyboard control panel

Electrical data:
  • The USB hub has 2 ports and does not require an external power supply. It's compatible with the 1.1 and 2.0 standards. Both ports can be active at the same time but one can temporarily shutdown if the current consumption is too high.
  • Not compatible with most KVM switches.

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