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Ananias 06-03-2009 01:19 PM

Need latest Bluetooth for Samsung
I have purchased a new samsung phone - Samsung SGH-F330. It is damn great phone to use. In a samsung-kit, I do have a headset(wired) for my phone music. But I need a Bluetooth headset that is compatible with my phone.
Any good recommendations?

Pugsly 06-03-2009 01:30 PM

Re: Need latest Bluetooth for Samsung
Check Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Wireless Headset -(Black)

Product Description:
Soft, light, slim, constant and comfortable communication.

Product Features:
  • Lightweight Bluetooth communication headset in black fits in either ear, offers Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity
  • Omni-directional microphone that clearly picks up your voice
  • Multi-function button to controls various functions including answering and ending calls
  • Includes travel charger and charging case
  • Up to 4 hours of talk time and up to 70 hours of standby time

This product is designed for the following systems:Samsung SGH-D600;Samsung SGH-D600E;Samsung SGH-D820;Samsung SGH-E340E;Samsung SGH-E360;Samsung SGH-E370;Samsung SGH-E720;Samsung SGH-E730;Samsung SGH-E760;Samsung SGH-i320;Samsung SGH-X700;Samsung SGH-Z140;Samsung SGH-Z140V;Samsung SGH-Z150;Samsung SGH-Z300;Samsung SGH-Z400;Samsung SGH-Z500;Samsung SPH-I300.

Gonzo 06-03-2009 01:37 PM

Re: Need latest Bluetooth for Samsung
There are number of Bluetooth headset products available in the market.
The most important thing while purchasing is to check its compatibility with your phone.

Compatibility Features

(a) It complies with the Bluetooth 1.1 (or greater - 1.2 is now becoming widespread and 2.0 is on the way) specification

(b) It offers both headset and hands-free profiles

As long as the headset observes these two requirements, and assuming your phone also has Bluetooth 1.1 or greater, and either of the two profile sets, then you should have no compatibility problems.

A Bluetooth headset can also be used to connect with other devices such as your computer. For example, if you're using your computer for teleconferencing, you can use your headset for this purpose, too. This can be very convenient, because it then enables you to use one headset simultaneously for cell phone calls and computer calls too - you don't have to be shuffling between one headset and the other, depending on the call that is coming in.

Simond 06-03-2009 01:37 PM

Re: Need latest Bluetooth for Samsung
Whichever Bluetooth headset you choose for your Samsung mobile phone.
Keep this important points in mind:

There seem to be two main styles of Bluetooth headsets. Some are held in place by a loop around the ear - there are generally more comfortable, but may be less secure. Others are held in place by being physically jammed into your ear. These are generally less comfortable but may sometimes be more secure.

The headset should be easy to turn on and off, and should power up and connect to the cell phone as quickly as possible.

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