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m3pilot 26-02-2009 01:17 AM

Question on Reversing Folder Redirection group policy.
From some days I am trying to implement folder redirection. But it looks it is not working well. I am trying to do the same on some of my workstation in the office. I am trying to do that using Group Policy. I had tried to redirect the user documents. I am going to setup the same using gpo. The only thing that I want to ask is how to reverse the policy if required. Is that possible. I had tried to modify the settings but still it does not work out. I had selected a normal option of redirection but the settings does not simply work. It is a bit annoying.

ERWAN 04-03-2009 12:38 AM

I never checked that but somehow it is a bit risk in modifying the default policies. They are working fine so avoid touching them. Because of you make any changes and if that does not work then there will be more problems. You can try to run gpupdate and then check back. There is nothing mentioned about reverse redirection . You can test that by creating a test machine and see whether it works or not. Try to modify the location. Working on test machine is a safer option as it allow you to simply restore in case of any problem.

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