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Users 19-02-2009 10:00 AM

MTNL Triband Installation and Configuration Procedure
1. PC 486 or above
2. Modem
3. Telephone Connection.


1. Window 95 operating system or above (preferable).
2. Dialup networking installed on the PC. This can be checked by double clicking on “My Computer” icon present on desktop
3. Internet Explorer/ Netscape Navigator or any other browser installed on the PC. Internet Explorer/ Netscape icons are ( usually ) available on the desktop.

Configuration steps

1. Installing and Setting up Modem.
2. Configuring dial-up Networking
3. Connecting using Internet explorer/Netscape browsers.

Installing and setting up Modem

1. Connect the Modem to the computer as per the Installation manual given with the Modem. Normally the serial cable (given with the Modem ) has to be connected between the Modem and one of the COM parts of Computer. The telephone line has to be connected on the jack marked as “Line" on the Modem.

2. After the hardware connections are completed switch the Modem "ON". Then proceed for software settings.

3. Switch on the computer. While system is starting “New Hardware Found” Window may be displayed. Proceed for Modem installation as per Item No.6.

4. Once the computer has started and Window 95/98 desktop is displayed Click on "Start” “Settings” "Control Panel”

5. The “Control Panel” screen appears. Double click on "Modem” icon. Click on “Add”

6. “Install New Modem” screen appears. If you know the modem type click on “Don’t detect my modem; I will select it from a list” else, let the computer detect on its own. Click “next”

7. Select the modem and appropriate model. If you have the modem listed in the list Click on “Next” button else if you have manufacturer’s disk click ion “Have Disk”

8. Select the appropriate serial; (Com) part and click “Next”

9. Click on "Finish”

10. The "Modem Properties” screen appears. Click on "Dialing Properties” and enter your area code and your dialing mode like pulse or tone. Click on “OK” to come back to “Modem Properties” Screen.

11. Click on “Properties” Button. You will get a screen with your modem name properties with two tabs.
a) General b) Diagnostics

12. The “general” tab shows the Modem Installed.

13. Click on “properties" and select the maximum speed and speaker volume.

14. Select the “connection” tab and deselect “wait for dial tone before dialing"

15. To check modem installation click on "diagnostics” tab, select the COM port where modem is installed and click “more info” button to check if the modem has been property installed.

16. This completes the installation of modem.

Note : If your modem is not listed, go to step 6 and let the windows detect your modem or in the step 7 choose standard modem.

Users 19-02-2009 10:06 AM

Re: Configuring dialup Networking
Configuring dialup Networking

Simple steps for configuring Windows 95/98 dial -up Networking to use your Internet account .

Please double click on ?My Computer? and then double click on the ?Control Panel? folder. Then double click on the ?Network? icon and see if you have the ?Client for Microsoft Networks?, "Dial-up Adapter? and "TCP/IP" configured on your computer as below .

If you have these items continue down the page. If you have more than these items you leave them for now. If you are missing any of these items, to add them, please refer to the enclosed Annexure.
To begin double click the ?My Computer" Icon on your desktop then double click the "Dial Up Networking" folder.

Users 19-02-2009 10:16 AM

Configuring MTNL Dialup Networking
Next , Double click on the ?Make New Connection? icon.

This will open the ?Make New Connection? Wizard which will guide you through the rest of the process.

1. Enter a name for computer (e.g. MTNL) and select the Modem type which is installed on your computer.
2. Then click on ?Configure.?
3. Select ?Options? tab and deselect all the boxes except?Display modem status.? Your screen should be as shown below.

4. Click ?OK? button and then click on "Next".

Users 19-02-2009 10:20 AM

Configuring MTNL Dialup Networking
Here you will enter the area code and telephone number . The area code is ?022? for MTNL Internet PSTN dial up connection the telephone number is ?172230" and for ISDN dial up it is ?4339696? Then select the country as ?India.?

Click ?Next?

After you click ?Finish" button the wizard will close and an icon named "MTNL? will appear in your Dial-up Networking window.
Now right click on the "MTNL"icon and then click on "Properties?

Users 19-02-2009 10:26 AM

Re: MTNL Triband Installation and Configuration Procedure
If your screen has the correct information which you entered during the wizard phase , deselect?Use country code and area code" and if the screen is as shown below, click on the ?Server Types? tab.

IMPORTANT : Make sure your screen is as pictured below. You MUST deselect ?Log on to Network ? and select ?Enable software compression ?& TCP/IP? . Then click on the ?TCP/IP Settings? button.

Your screen should appear as pictured below, if not, select as below . Then just click ?OK? and then click "OK" again.

Users 19-02-2009 10:33 AM

Re: MTNL Triband Installation and Configuration Procedure
Now you have successfully configured your computer to dial into MTNL?s Internet.

Now all you have to do is double click on the "MTNL" icon in your "Dial-up Networking" folder as below.

Now you will get a "Connect To" window as below .

You will be prompted to enter your User name Password.

Type in your User name (in small letters without "" )and password ( please enter the alphabets in capital or small case, exactly as given to you by MTNL). If you like you can check the "save password" box or leave it unchecked to have more control over who is using the account.

The click on Connect The modem starts dialing.
Now you will get a "Connecting to MTNL" window as below:

Your Username and Password will be verified and once it is connected, you will get an icon on the status bar (bottom right of your screen) as shown below.

Now you are connected to the Internet. You can start your browser by double clicking its icon on the desktop.

softte 19-02-2009 11:38 AM

Re: MTNL Triband Installation and Configuration Procedure
This is really very Helpful and looking for somewhat like this guide only for the manual installation of MTNL Triband.I suppose you have given complete step-by-step guide for the installation.

Thanks this is really helpful.

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