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Francesca 16-02-2009 10:12 AM

ODBC32.dll Error in Windows Vista
Hi friends,

I am facing an issue with my PC.I am having Windows Vista Install on my Pc and whenever i am trying to copy anything to an DLL . I am getting an error message as ODBC32.dll error don't have permission to copy some what that kind of error message.Can anyone tell me what i need to do in this case.

Thanks in Advance.

Bassus 16-02-2009 10:21 AM

Re: ODBC32.dll Error in Windows Vista
Sure i will help you with that try to change the rights by do the following this hope it works for you:-
  1. First take the Ownership by typing the following in Run takeown /f C:\windows\system32\FILE_NAME.dll
  2. Now take thegrant for yourself as an admin rights for that the following codes is icacls C:\windows\system32\FILE_NAME.dll /grant administrators:F
  3. For copy/replace the code is copy C:\FILE_NAME.dll C:\windows\system32\FILE_NAME.dll
  4. Now rename the file by following code ren "C:\windows\system32\FILE_NAME.dll" C:\windows\system32\FILE_NAME.dll.old

Francesca 16-02-2009 10:22 AM

Re: ODBC32.dll Error in Windows Vista
I tried to do the above steps which you told by the is no output i am still facing the same issue can anyone fix my problem.

Vibhas 16-02-2009 10:30 AM

Re: ODBC32.dll Error in Windows Vista
I was also facing such kind of issue i tried to do the following things it worked for me hope it will worked for you too.

To get Full permission in vista follow this steps:-
  1. Insert an Bootable Vista into the DVD RW and boot from it.
  2. Now Select Repair.
  3. Select Command Prompt from Repair screen to gain full permission.

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