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ssohailsarwar 15-02-2009 04:00 PM

Internet Explorer 7 cache problem
Hello everybody
Can anyone tell me how to clear the IE 7 cache on client mechines on Windows XP mechines, i am using Windows XP SP2 on client mechines and Windows Server 2003 on Server mechines.

Otto 15-02-2009 08:02 PM

Re: Internet Explorer 7 cache problem

If you want to clear cache in the IE 7 Then follow the steps:

Tools Menu -> Internet Option -> General Tab -> Browsing History (Second option in the General Tab) -> Click Delete.

When you Click on Delete files... Select Temporary Internet Files section of the Delete Browsing History window.

Then just confirm you want to delete those files.
It can take a up to a minute or two. So be patient.

Now the best is to restart your computer. I know it?s painful but it?s the only way to make sure all the temporary informations of Internet Explorer and Windows XP being cleared correctly.

And if you want to Disable Thumbnails from the cache then follow these steps:

In Explorer, go to Tools, then Folder Options and click on the View tab. Check the box "Do not cache thumbnails" and click OK. Now Windows will not automatically create a THUMBS.DB file for a folder it deems needs thumbnails, which means you can set a folder view to list or detail and it will remain that way. Make sure to first delete the THUMBS.DB file if one existed already.

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