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Green Banana 15-02-2009 02:20 AM

Audio, Video and Games on Vista Home Basic?
Hello everybody.

I've searched the forum for relevant threads but couldn't find one that answered my needs, so here goes....

I am contemplating a new hardware setup soon and have realized that Windows Vista Home is probably going to be better than XP-home.

My question is this: -

Can I get all the audio, video and gaming functionality that I need with Windows Vista Home Basic?

A technical adviser in my local PC-World told me that Vista Home Basic will only run a few applications, such as internet browsing and document handling, not music, not videos and not gaming.

Did he tell me the truth or was it salesman-b******t ?

Are there any functions missing from Vista Home Basic that I am used to with XP-home?

Any help you can give will be appreciated.


mukeshcb 15-02-2009 01:03 PM

Re: Audio, Video and Games on Vista Home Basic?
well as far as iam concerned with this package..i have not herad all that...but may be there could be but not sure....nyways why dont you ask from whereu have get that pack....Thanks

EINSTEIN_007 16-02-2009 08:09 AM

Re: Audio, Video and Games on Vista Home Basic?
You can play all games, video's and audio's in your Vista Home Basics. See Windows Vista Review:

Green Banana 16-02-2009 03:06 PM

Re: Audio, Video and Games on Vista Home Basic?

Thanks, that's what I needed.

Lane 16-02-2009 04:38 PM

Re: Audio, Video and Games on Vista Home Basic?
Hi, I would like to provide some more information about the Windows Vista Home Basic, have a look at it.

A simple version of Windows Vista that is aimed at single PC homes. Windows Vista Home Basic is the baseline version of Windows Vista, and the version that all other product editions will build from. It will include features such as Windows Firewall, Windows Security Center, secure wireless networking, parental controls, anti-spam/anti-virus/anti-spyware functionality, network map, Windows Search, Movie Maker, Photo Library, Windows Media Player, Outlook Express with RSS support, P2P Messenger, and all kind of Games and even more. Windows Vista Home Basic is roughly analogous to Windows XP Home Edition. This version is aimed at general consumers, Windows 9x/XP Starter Edition upgraders, and price sensitive/first-time buyers. Like Starter 2007, Vista Home Basic will not support the new Aero user interface.

Here, Microsoft will be pushing "peace of mind" and "performance," and will promise consumers a faster, more secure and reliable productivity experience. Home Basic is secure by default and easy to keep secure. You can trust Windows with your most important tasks and data and complete everyday tasks faster.

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