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Janet J 05-02-2009 11:33 PM

Show directory contents in C
I would like to create a program in c to view the contents of the directory, the compiler that I use is GCC and the system on which it is running linux.

check manuals and the internet I have a great help you can you guide me about it?

Programing forum could help to set the material also present in the internet to study this subject?

Thank you.

Astro121 05-02-2009 11:36 PM

Re: Show directory contents in C
I have listed the following code in one of my project but the following Program lists the files and subdirectories within a given directory full path


# include <stdio.h>
  # include <stdlib.h>
  # include <string.h>
  # include <dirent.h>

  char * path_cat (const char * str1, char * str2);

  int main () (
          struct dirent * dp;

          /  / Enter path to directory existing below
          const char * dir_path = "/ path / to / directory / to / list";
          DIR * dir = opendir (dir_path);
          while ((dp = readdir (dir))! = NULL) (
                  char * tmp;
                  tmp = path_cat (dir_path, dp -> d_name);
                  printf ( "% s \ n", tmp);
                  free (tmp);
                  tmp = NULL;
          closedir (dir);
          return 0;

  char * path_cat (const char * str1, char * str2) (
          size_t str1_len = strlen (str1);
          size_t str2_len = strlen (str2);
          char * result;
          result = malloc ((str1_len + str2_len + 1) * sizeof * result);
          strcpy (result, str1);
          int i, j;
          for (i = str1_len, j = 0; ((i <(str1_len + str2_len)) & & (j <str2_len)) i + +, j + +) (
                  result [i] = str2 [j];
          result [str1_len + str2_len] = '\ 0';
          return result;

Hope this helps...

GNom 05-02-2009 11:43 PM

Re: Show directory contents in C
User manual for displaying directory contents


readdir - read a directory


# include <sys / types.h>

  # include <dirent.h>

  struct dirent * readdir (DIR * dir);


The readdir () function returns a pointer to a dirent structure representing the next directory entry in the directory stream pointed to by dir. It returns NULL on reaching the end-of-file or if an error occurred.

According to POSIX, the dirent structure contains a field char d_name [] of unspecified size, with at most NAME_MAX characters preceding the terminating null character. Use of other fields will harm the portability of your programs. POSIX 1003.1-2001 also documents the field ino_t d_ino as an XSI extension.

The data returned by readdir () may be overwritten by subsequent calls to readdir () for the same directory stream.


The readdir () function returns a pointer to a dirent structure, or NULL if an error occurs or end-of-file is reached.

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