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Xan 27-01-2009 01:24 PM

SetAttribute not working
i was working with some coding but i found my self in trouble when i got that setAttribute is not working. i used in internet explorer 6,7 but not working please anyone can help me to find out what is wrong ?

opaper 27-01-2009 01:30 PM

Re: SetAttribute not working
This is probably because IE considers setAttribute as setting the property of the actual javascript object. By setting the style attribute on a node, IE interprets it as setting, which is not the actual attribute ( being an array of the different css settings instead). That's also why you can't set the 'class' or 'for' attributes, because on a element object, the old method of setting class and the for attribute are node.className and node.htmlFor.

When calling the DOM method .setAttribute( attName, attValue ); in IE, there are several circumstances where it will not work.
Setting the "name" attribute does not work, the "colspan" & "rowspan" attributes for th and td tags does not work, the "frameborder" attribute on iframes does not work.

karunakar 27-01-2009 01:32 PM

Re: SetAttribute not working
Using the DOM Methods to build up new content for your page, be aware that in IE, you can't pre-check a radio button or a checkbox using .setAttribute('checked', 'checked'); or even myCheckBoxObject.checked = true; *unless* you add the element to the page first.

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