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Humberto 21-01-2009 07:16 PM

How to Choose your Video Game Console
The console war will not happen!

Each generation console, it's pretty much the same story. Who will win this famous war, which we are rehashing the ears for years? No need to wait for a winner and an ultimate console reigns unchallenged as the digital entertainment market has grown to such an extent that many manufacturers can coexist perfectly, providing a great variety of games to consumers and players. Only drawback: the choice is so vast that one can easily get lost in the jungle game. How can I be sure that our choice corresponds to our expectation, that the console will not choose too many violent games for our little family or, conversely, it will offer sufficient securities drenched adrenaline? So many questions this guide will attempt to answer.

Seller absolute best of the year, the latest of the famous Nintendo has won, in addition to the faithful of the mark, a whole new audience by creating a new way of playing. Standing in front of your TV and wiimote in hand, you will have fun with family to reproduce realistic movements to control your character on the screen. You straight cuts and setbacks in games of tennis, beautiful swings in golf games or the splendid strikes in Games Bowling.

Offered at a price of RS 18,000 , the great strength of the wii is to be primarily a family console, and it is several that most games catalog take a new dimension by becoming yet more fun. And there is no need to be an addictive Joystick to play: There is indeed little or no buttons to tame, your body will be as the "lever". Anyone can therefore be fun immediately. The toy library is also composed of many titles designed with this in mind, ie accessible and intended to play several. The games are often hilarious as against Rayman Raving Rabbids, or always interesting as Mario Party 8.

Players thirst for adventure may also be happy only with the already cult Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which are in the great tradition of the masterpieces of Nintendo, ie intelligent, passionate and never vulgar or violent. We regret that no more songs like these, the console is relatively low in Thursday solo interesting.

The Wii is primarily a game console family and you'll find a variety of games designed for fun with friends or family, it is true assisted by a whole new way to play, especially easy to access. And something that does not spoil anything, the console comes with a batch of mini-sports games. A flat, however, players addicted to the game solo can feel a little cramped in the small size of the offer proposed to them.

Humberto 21-01-2009 07:33 PM

Enter the new generation
Playstation 3

The Playstation 3 is the latest generation of Playstation consoles. The brand of Sony is also so well integrated into our vocabulary that defines almost alone the concept of video game. She obviously has more strings to his bow to get the favor of players and jewelry lovers technology. Because that is what it is, the PS3 is more than a game console, but a true multimedia entertainment center, resources surprising that you will discover the joys of high definition.

If you are looking for adventure, racing and adventure, you will be served. Driving your buggy, you cross the largest canyons ever made in a video game with Motorstorm, you will be in search of treasure lost in the maze of an ancient civilization, beautifully restored, with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, or you try to save the world in a game full of action as Resistance: Fall of Man. The youngest of you are not forgotten as the duo of Ratchet & Clank characters, well-known players PS2, is back in Ratchet & Clank: Operation Destruction. However, note that many of those securities their eye on the side of the action, speed, and play solo, even if the network on the Internet against an opponent far are possible. All enjoy games against an exemplary display with high definition capabilities of the console.

But, ironically for a game console, its greatest asset lies not in the variety of titles it offers, but in its Blu-Ray integrated. And do not believe that this is a player on the cheap, because the opinion of the best specialists, the Blu-Ray of Playstation 3 competes largely in terms of quality with plates dedicated lounges offered most often at prices much higher.

From product available, integrates the console including a 40GB hard drive, particularly useful for backups, video downloads, demos or complete sets, via the online service offered by Sony: the PlayStation Network. A word on the controller comes with the console. Although the design is quite similar to the pad of Playstation 2, the Sixaxis, as it is now its name includes a big new feature: it allows the console to detect the orientation, rotation and acceleration of the joystick on the three dimensional axes. In other words, in a game such as Warhawk, pilot your flying machine will be a snap, simply tilting the joystick in the direction of your choice, which is a real plus in terms of immersion .

So the Playstation 3 console perfect? Perfection is not of this world, of course, the console has some drawbacks. Apart from a number of quality titles, the PS3 still seems to be looking game of all the votes, the game that would allow itself to sell consoles for whole cars. And it's definitely the downside of a multimedia machine if elegant have perhaps forgotten that it is first and foremost, a game console

Humberto 21-01-2009 07:56 PM

Enter the new generation (Bis)
Xbox 360

First console called "next gen" Xbox 360 has been exactly 16 months to get enough of hope ahead of his rival, the Playstation 3, before it also invading the market. The Xbox 360 was the first to insist on the concept of game in high definition. And we must say that graphics issue, it has absolutely nothing to envy the Playstation 3, on the contrary. At the moment, where a security situation on both machines at the same time, it is not uncommon to see a very slight advantage in terms of display, for the console from Microsoft.

The console combines an untold number of games now worship. How not to include Gears of War 2, Halo 3 or Bioshock, the Project Gotham Racing 4, Forza Motorsport 3, or Oblivion, Eternal Sonata, and Mass effect. Whether in the kind of shooting game, of course, or role-playing, each of these titles is a benchmark. And most games are not content to play alone, but enjoy the excellent Xbox Live network, which allows you to play online, download demos, videos or extensions of their favorite games.

The Xbox 360 was again the first to introduce the concept of 'Pack. The console is immediately out in different versions, with options and accessories. The basic package, called "Arcade," is composed of the console, a wireless joystick, memory card and 5 mini-games, all at a suggested price of Rs 12,000. This version is enough to enjoy the full catalog of games, but in order to enjoy fully the capabilities of the machine, we recommend at least opt for the Premium Pack, which offers an additional 60GB hard drive and a helmet microphone. The latter is particularly useful for sharing, for example, its strategy in the middle part, or to simply communicate with friends worldwide. The Premium version is however, available from Rs 16,000 .

A word on a final pack that bears his name very well, the Xbox 360 Elite. All dressed in black, this version has the distinction of offering a hard disk with a capacity of 120 GB, very useful for storing a large number of games or movies, especially those from the most recent service of video on demand, set up on the Xbox Live network. You can find this version from more then 25,000 INR .

Games with a high quality, the Xbox 360 console is clearly oriented gamers. Although there is something for everyone in the catalog of games, we must admit that the majority of these securities are classified in radius "game for adults" in the sense that they are mostly of them at inflated testosterone. However, the console does not forget its multimedia features. This aspect is less developed than its competitor for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 allows still play DVDs, DivX, and as we mentioned earlier, access to a catalog of videos on demand, High definition for some of them, which is expanding by the day.

Remains that at precisely the High definition, it seems a pity that this console is equipped as standard with a simple DVD player, although it is possible to acquire a player external HD-DVD. But again, between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, the war is declared, and it seems that the Blu-Ray has a big head start to win the battle of HD formats.

Humberto 21-01-2009 08:08 PM

And if you want it cheap?
PlayStation 2
This tour of the latest generation consoles should not make us forget that there are other, older, but we may still entertain. The PlayStation 2 may, for example, take this role perfectly. Proposed a very attractive price today of Rs 6,5000, this console has probably the largest catalog to date, not that it is now very easy to get lots of opportunities to play quality for a very affordable price. Like the Wii, the PS2 is heading for several months towards the family market by offering games of questions and answers as Buzz! Mega Quiz, or music titles like Singstar, where he is provided with a microphone, singing respecting the better the melody of the song. Guarantee success in the evening.

It must remain one!
A game console, a source of entertainment and pleasure, must be chosen wisely. First, because the budget request for the High Tech joujous is relatively high, on the other hand, because each console has its own identity.

If you prefer the game to many, the universe good child, and you consider video games as a privileged moment of conviviality, then we will know that not too advise you to opt for the Nintendo Wii. With it, laughter is guaranteed and you only need to see a close, first resistant to the concept, twisting in all directions so you gently bite the dust on the virtual tennis court and your evening will be successful.

If against, you are looking for a part-time, adventure, action, the adrenaline, while the Xbox 360 or PS3 can all meet you both. The Xbox 360 currently offers a catalog of Thursday richer, but the PS3 has the enormous advantage to integrate a Blu-Ray, who is heading straight for probably the next standard of high-definition video. The choice may seem Cornelius, but whatever console you choose, it will fully satisfy you and honor valiantly at the heart of your living room.

Here is the list of PlayStation 2 game

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