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Pyrotechnic 13-01-2009 06:59 PM

Recommended Software for Linux

I tried to catalog and organize some form of software available for Linux, but there are so diverse and so as not to organize it.

Of time and lack of something better I will make software recommended by my experience. If someone wants to make good contributions coming.

Toast CD and DVD :
cdrecord (for communicating with the recorder) (console)
mkisof (create ISO image) (console)
mkhybrid (create ISO image) (console)
cdda2wav (read digital audio CD) (console)
xcdroast (CD recording) (graphic)
koncd (CD recording) (graphic)
K3B (CD burning) (graphic)
Sound Juicer (extractor audio CD's) [graphic]

See movies :

xine (graphic)
totem (graphic)
kaffeine (graphic)
mplayer (graphic)

P2P Downloads :

xmule (graphic)
imule (graphic)
Amule (the most modern) (graphic)
Azureus (requires java) [graphic]
Mldonkey [web interface, using graphical gtk, console)
Gift [console]
Apollon, Giftoxic (GUI gift) [grafico - kde, gtk]

IM :
amsn (graphic)
kopete (graphic)
gaim (graphic)
tmsnc (console)

Browsers :
links2 (console)
elinks (console)
w3b (console)
mozilla (graphic)
firefox (graphic)
konqueror (graphic)
Ephipany [graphic]

music :
xmms (graphic)
mp3blaster (graphic)
Beep Media Player (graphic)

File Manager :
nautilus (graphic)
xfe (light) (graphic)
mc (console)

IRC Client :
irssi (console)
xchat (graphic)

Images :

gqview (see galleries) (graphic)
gimp (edit images) (graphic)
Xsane (scanned images) [graphic - gtk]

Video :
GnomeMeeting (video transfer) [graphic]
Mercury (video) (graphic)

Programming :
Umbrello (UML) [graphic]
Vim (color bash, c + +, Perl and no more) [console]
g + + [console]
gcc [console]
prawns (clone of Visual Basic) (graphic)
SciTE (editor)
eclipse (graphic) c + + java ...
blue fish (graphic) (css, html, php, ...)
quanta (graphic) (css, html, php, ...)
kylix (graphic) (c, c + +)
Boa Constructor (wxPython) (graphic)
Anjuta IDE (C C + + Graphics)
emacs (editor with extensions for many languages (console)

Mathematics :
Kmplot (matlab clone) (graphic)

Games :
imCity 3000
Tux Racer
GlTron (motorcycle racing)
Pingus (roll)
Americas-Army (similar to counter strike)
Ppracer (changing tux racer)
Supertux (type mario Broos)

Windows emulator software for games :
Cedega (fee)

OS's Emulators :

Reader Feeds:
Liferea (graphic)

Creator of logs:
WorPress (graphic)
Jaws (graphic)

Viewer postcripts:
Evince (graphic)
Xpdf (graphic)

Mail clients:
Mozilla Thunderbird (graphic)
Mutt (console)

Acrobat :
Acroread (graphic)
Acrobat reader (graphic)

I will go as it being more aware or are happening to me


Theodot 13-01-2009 07:01 PM

Re: Recommended Software for Linux
Have games emulators such as WineX and Cedega
Oh, and the emulator's so wine would fit ...

Barclay 13-01-2009 07:03 PM

Re: Recommended Software for Linux
I recommend (for me xD)

Reader Feeds:
Liferea (graphic)

Creator of logs:
WorPress (graphic)
Jaws (graphic)

Viewer postcripts:
Evince (graphic)
Xpdf (graphic)

Mail clients:
Evolution (graphic)
Mozilla Thunderbird

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