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Meng R 19-11-2008 09:02 AM

Tape back-up software for sbs 2008
Which is a good tape backup software for SBS 2008. I have to provide a quotation to my client on this. He is looking for a tape backup tool which will be the default storage media of the entire office. I had seen a set of tools on web but I worry about the compatibility. I want a reliable software. I am sure there will be some way available that would be easy to manage also it should a set of different backup solution.

prafullanayana 19-11-2008 10:34 PM

Windows SBS 2008 does not support Tape Drive. Whatever device you are having you will need to search for a compatible hardware or else buying a tape hardware is just a waste of time. There are many tape backup tools. It is not at all complicated to find what you are looking for. But first go on technet and look for support of tape backup software. The one that I had used long ago is ntbackup. It is easy to use.

alaskan 15-08-2009 11:39 PM

Re: Tape back-up software for sbs 2008
There are actual requirements that many businesses "MUST" abide by according to federal laws. Finance and Medical type businesses are "REQUIRED" by law to keep customer/patient records for up to at least 7 years. A tape is a cheap alternative to a usb drive also hard drives do not last as long as tapes. Tapes can last up to 50years.. Hard drives typically last (Please note that word "TYPICALLY") 5 years.. yes I know you probably have drives older than that. I have tons of customers that are required to keep backups of email and customer info saved away and tape was the cheapest alternative.
100-200 for a usb drive, 30-60 for a tape.. in the business world every dollar counts. For those businesses that don't have this requirement I say a usb or disk drive is a fine alternative..

haritable 18-08-2009 02:19 AM

There are many tools. It is right that you must first check out the compatibility between various hardware and sbs. Acronis deliver some of the best software for backup purpose. Some other tools that really work is Zdat dump, uranmium bacup, etc. There are many open source tape backup tool also which can guide you for what you are looking for.

thestu 15-03-2012 08:06 PM


Why are you finding this so difficult to answer the question asked rather than just reply over (and over) about how woo fantastic windows server backup is.

That was not what was asked, if you cannot help with what was asked (and yes you're welcome to shout about how wonderful the new windows server backup is until you're blue in the face) then don't bother to reply about it because so far I see nothing helpful whatsoever.

Moving back ON TOPIC

I am having this particular issue with Server 2008 R2 and an HP Storageworks DAT 160 (on board USB) based tape archiver.

Best solution for tape drives with server 2008 is to not use server 2008.

We simply built a server 2003 box which runs NTBackup no problems and moved along. If you -need- tape archiver for network purposes then I'd suggest just leaving 2008 server alone and whipping together a cheap box(xpsp3)/server2003 to do it as from what I can see there is no "ultra cheap" option for this (obviously cheapness is relative) I found that the "Backupassist" package wasn't too expensive- and that it will run with 2008, but comes at a price.

Personally I like tapes, I've used them for years and when you drop one it doesn't kill the thing, unlike a hard drive that would probably be dead.

I have subsequently moved on and use a drive mirroring facility on a NAS for backup.

I was inspired to try it out again just for the sake of this thread...

The following parameters for hardware / software work for us for a tape archiver on server 2008

Server 2k8 r2 enterprise
HP Proliant ML110 G6
HP StorageWorks DAT 160 USB
HP DAT160 (C8011A) Tapes
HP Data Protector Express Single Server Edition

Delicious tape archives in a format that's always going to be way cooler than any hard drive that is just as likely to be killed as anything else... ohnoes i dropped it!

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