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InFloW 13-11-2008 08:30 AM

Sony PRS-700 - A touch Reader
Until the electronic paper goes to color, Sony changed its line of electronic books (or eReader) in introducing the PRS-700. This differs from its predecessors by the presence of a tactile overlay.

It therefore leaves many buttons and only a few buttons for basic functions (Page Up, Page Down, menu, return, Research). He still uses the indispensable digital ink technology (eInk), which provides excellent autonomy and a good visual comfort. The screen has actually needs energy when it changes state, the time to appear or disappear tiny balls of inks that require no backlighting and are perfectly readable in bright sunlight, while as real paper.

However, although it provides a significant advantage in terms of ergonomics, adding an overlay would lose touch with this electronic book its superb from the screen of his elders. The lack of backlighting is also compensated on this model by a number of diodes arranged on the side to play in the dark. It abandoned in favor of WiFi locations SD, MemoryStick and a USB connection. Int?grant un lecteur MP3 et un lecteur de livres audio, il dispose aussi d'une sortie jack 3,5 mm. Incorporating an MP3 player and an audio book player, it also has an output jack 3.5 mm.

His screen SVGA (800 x 600 pixels) to 8 grayscale measure 6 inches diagonal (dimensions close to a sheet A5). Its battery allows it to display 7 500 pages. It supports formats BBeB Book, PDF, RTF and Adobe Digital Editions, MP3 and AAC for music or JPEG and PNG for images. Finally, the Sony PRS-700 weighs about 300 grams, measures just 1 cm thick and comes with a protective cover in leather. It is already marketed in the United States at a recommended retail price of $ 400.

Remember that Sony finally launched an initiative around the first electronic book in France a few weeks ago.

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