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Andrus K 16-10-2008 09:17 PM

X12-30107-DLM.EXE Virus or Hacker Hook
I have Threat Fire installed in my system running windows xp and when i am trying to download MS Office via Microsoft downloader than Threat Fire is reporting it as a threat. Reported path is Path found: C:\ Users\ Jamison\ Documents\ Downloads\ X12-30107-DLM (2).exe.
Has anyone encountered same thing before???? Should i go ahead with installation???

techman 25-10-2012 05:41 PM

Re: X12-30107-DLM.EXE Virus or Hacker Hook
I will like to inform you that some third party antivirus are not capable of judging exe files properly, they simply report it as Threat. However you can try installing Microsoft security essential and scan it after downloading MS Office. If it reports same file as a threat than there might be something wrong with it. If it doesn't than you can go ahead with installation.

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