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Lucjan 09-10-2008 05:22 PM

Risk of overheating for Nikon L16 and L18
Nikon has just issued a warning to the attention of owners of its cameras Coolpix L16 and L18. The manufacturer reported that an overheating problem was detected in a few copies of the compact. This problem may occur in case of reverse polarity battery / accumulator of the insertion, coupled with a shock or impact of the aircraft.

The risks are as follows:
  • failure of the device, such as stationary;
  • overheating that can cause deformation of the top cover of the device and a general breakdown of the latter.

As a precaution, Nikon calls owners L16 and L18 whose serial number is listed below to return their aircraft, except for models with a black dot at the bottom of thread for setting up ( see photos).

Nikon will repair for free products, even those no longer under warranty. The details of the technical service is accessible from this page, and the service nearest you from it.

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