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Jeffrey 04-10-2008 02:59 PM

Kingston teams up with Intel to supply SSD drives
Memory maker Kingston has joined up with chipmaker Intel to produce flash-memory based drives for popular-brand notebooks and servers, according to a Thursday report. Traditionally, Kingston has made flash memory cards for consumer electronics devices such as digital cameras, which make up a quarter of the company’s business. Under the deal with Intel, Kingston will resell drives made by Intel, providing technical support and testing to buyers at Dell, HP and IBM, among others.

Flash, or solid state drives (SSD), are becoming more common in today’s computers, and especially notebooks, thanks to their superior shock resistance, faster speeds, and lower power consumption compared to traditional rotating hard disk drives (HDDs).

The Kingston-branded drives will begin shipping before the end of 2008, and will include products made for use in business notebooks and corporate network servers. It is not known if Kingston will eventually sell SSD drives directly to consumers, though Intel has promoted its own drives as replacements for home users.


ThoMas321 04-10-2008 03:47 PM

Technology Company, Inc., the world?s leading in dependent memory manufacturer, today announced that, as part of its participation in the Intel Memory Validation Program, it is enhancing its current line of ValueRAM? products with the inclusion of Value RAMparts designated with an ?I.? Parts with this designation have been validated by Intel?s authorized validation group for their server platforms.

?Servers are mission-critical systems and downtime isvery costly. Kingston? understands the importance of server memory performance. With our expanded line of Value RAM parts designated for Intel server
motherboards, customers can easily identify the Value RAM module they need for their mission-critical servers,? said Louis Kaneshiro, senior technology manager, Kingston. ?Customers seeking ValueRAM modules simply need to look for part numbers that end with and ?I? in the part numbering schema,? continued

Prior to the release of this new part numbering schema, customers were required to check the Intel Web site for verification of Intel-validated components. Now, customers ordering designated ValueRAM ?I? skus can
be confident that they?re receiving the same module posted on Intel?s memory validation list. These new parts are backed by Kingston?s lifetime warranty, comprehensive testing and will receive the full benefit of both Intel and Kingston technical support.

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