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lca1630 24-09-2008 02:52 AM

Disabling IPV6 via Group Policy

I am seeking a solution for disabling IPV6 via group policy. What would be
the best method for adding a registry key via group policy for my Vista
users: logon script, third party app, or am I missing something in the group
policy snap-in. Thanks for your help ahead of time.

Jared Crandall - Microsoft 25-09-2008 07:10 AM

RE: Disabling IPV6 via Group Policy
This is definately a doable function. Although the IPv6 driver can be
disabled from the properties of the network card, this does not actually
disabel all functions. It is important in Vista and 2008 to disable all IPv6
functions as IPv6 is preferred of IPv4 in these versions.

To Disable the IPv6 functions we use the registry values described in .

Be aware that there are different values that can be set to reflect the
functions in IPv6 that you may want to disable, but to fully disable it use
the value of 0xFFFFFFFF.

If you are using 2008 for your domain controllers you can acutally directly
create a policy to add this registry key to you client machines.

If you are using 2003 or 2000, from here we just need to create a custom ADM
template. I will nto cover this here, but it is described in detail in the
following article:

Let me know if this helps.

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