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Aadimoolan 17-09-2008 12:17 AM

Security Update KB938464 stops IPSEC- no email no internet
I am not able to work with Windows Update. It is not working at all. I found some update stucked and due to them other updates also failed. The update which is stucked for installation is KB938464. The update is giving trouble on SBS 2003. When I restarted the system I got a error on the screen saying that service did not start. The IPSec failed to work. So it looks the updates had screwed my system entirely. While it was really working fine. There was no issue at all. Is there a fix available.

Amosz 17-09-2008 01:47 AM

You can go in Control panel and remove some updates which are causing the bug. Next time when you are checking updates you go for the manual method. It will give you choice which updates to install and which to ignore. So that is much easier. Sometime windows update generate bugs in a working system and once reported they are soon replaced. You can try to go in services and check out whether IPSec is working properly or not. You can also initiate the process one more time by enabling it.

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