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Olga 16-09-2008 04:32 PM

CradlePoint CTR500 3G travel router
The CradlePoint CTR500 Cellular Travel Router creates a secure Wi-Fi Hotspot from broadband enabled cellular data modems. The CTR500 is the world's most compact router that is able to support BOTH Express Card and USB-style Cellular Modems. Powered by CradlePoint's WiPipe? technology, it supports a wide variety of modems and handsets on the ATT, Verizon, Sprint, and Alltel networks and gives users hassle-free Wi-Fi access nearly anywhere.

Secure and Reliable

The high-performance router platform supports multiple and concurrent VPN pass-through sessions, plus encryption modes including WPA2 Personal and Enterprise to provide secure client access. Unique built-in auto-failover between broadband sources enables wireless backup applications and maximum uptime.


CradlePoint's built-in Setup Wizard provides diskless set up of security settings - getting a remote workgroup up and running quickly regardless of OS or device-type on the network. For site selection and placement convenience, the CTR500 also includes a signal strength mode, which enables external LED indication of cellular signal strength.

  • Fully compliant 802.11b/g router
  • Supports external 802.11 antenna (not included)
  • Compatible with Express Card and USB style cellular modems (EVDO and HSDPA networks)
  • Supports select handsets via USB cable
  • 10/100 Ethernet port switchable as WAN or LAN
  • Auto-failover mode for a compact broadband source backup solution
  • Cellular signal strength indication on top panel eases site selection
  • Powered by WiPipe? technology


E-mail Support


Mobile Business
CradlePoint?s CTR500 teamed with your EVDO or HSDPA cell phone or a Cellular USB modem gives you and your team instant, reliable, and secure Internet access wherever you work. Great for simplifying individual access as well as sharing ? no need to add hardware or software to your PC or your colleagues? PC to get connected to the broadband cellular networks. Finally, you can have the convenience of WiFi and the coverage of cellular in one solution.

All the luxuries of home include Internet access ? even if home is on the road or away from home. The CTR500 gives you a great way to unleash the modem built-in your Cellular phone. And tethered data service can be activated for just the months you need it instead of making long term commitments. An added feature is the ability to put your phone where you have signal, and use your laptop where it?s convenient. With the CTR500, you no longer have to hunt around for a public WiFi hotspot to get Internet access when on vacation.

Emergency Response
The CradlePoint CTR500 provides the most compact portable WiFi solution available. And it quickly allows you to set up vital communication links in seconds. Responders will be able to share vital documents, emails, and mission critical information without the usual hassles. The CTR500 is your instant infrastructure solution for EVDO and HSDPA networks and is tuned to work with the latest USB modems.

Whether at a remote site or in the trailer, for short time periods or extended, the CTR500 provides a perfect solution for Internet connectivity when space and convenience are a premium. Plus, it supports Mobile PCs as well as handheld computers and PDAs for easy WiFi internet access regardless of what infrastructure your team uses. Ease of use and solid network performance are yours with the CTR500.

Remote Events
For all kinds of remote events, from off-site meetings to concerts to races to picture day at the soccer field, the CTR500 provides a reliable, easy-to-setup wireless network. Password access allows you an extra level of security without requiring everyone to become an IT expert. Plus, the remote login feature allows you to remotely provide Internet access to your colleagues without publicizing with the world with the CradlePoint CTR500.

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