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Han's Son 18-07-2008 08:40 AM

Computer keeps rebooting on Starting
HI, I have a HP computer running with Windows XP Media Center with Service Pack 3. It was working fine until last night but something has gone wrong suddenly. Today morning when I started the system, it crossed BIOS screen fine, then came to Windows XP Logo and suddenly restarted. And this is the point where it is looping continuously. I thought I can try fixing the same by going into Safe Mode but when I select Safe Mode from Boot Screen, it starts loading drivers and gets stuck on loading mup.sys, next it restarts itself.

Furthermore as per troubleshooting I inserted XP Installation disk, booted from CD and went to Recovery console to run chkdsk /p. The Checkdisk found some errors and fix them itself. But still the system wont boot in windows. Now I have no idea what else could be done to fix the problem. Somebody please help.

FRIESEN 18-07-2008 09:45 AM

Re: Computer keeps rebooting on Starting
Hello Han's Son, i think you should try restoring your system to any earlier working restore point. You can do this right from Recovery Console itself. Also let me tell you that HP systems with Intel system file in some AMD computers has a major reboot problem after a critical update offered by MS on July 8th. Hence better try to restore your system to a point created earlier than 8 july.

So to run the Restore go to recovery option or simply select Safe Mode with Command Prompt option from the boot menu. You can get more info about how to Start the System Restore Tool from a Command Prompt at this MS KB

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