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Thread: Do this things when your mobile Phone is lost

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    Do this things when your mobile Phone is lost

    Hello friends

    In the unfortunate case your mobile phone is lost or stolen, there are little chances to ever get it back. Usually, someone else will get to enjoy the handset's functions, as putting a new SIM card in it is an easy thing to do. But there's a way to completely block the use of your "ex-phone" and not only that of your "ex SIM card".

    Every GSM cell phone has an IMEI code that's unique in the world and usually consists of 17 digits. This will appear on your display after dialing *#06#, without pushing any other key – not even the dial key. Sure, most of the handsets (if not all of them) also have the IMEI code written inside their cases, usually under the battery, but it's way simpler to just dial *#06# in order to find out the code.

    Now, assuming you know the IMEI code, when your cell phone is lost or stolen, contact your operator, give them the code and ask them to block the handset. After this is done, the device will become non-functional, regardless of the network that someone else might try to use it on. Imagine if everyone knew this "trick" – thieves would have no reason to steal cell phones anymore.

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    Thanks for informationfriends.

    but if the phone lost that mean we can not get info where is the phone?

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    oh great!

    I was not knowing this previously. But I will give a try and use it whenever needed.

    Tks for the info.

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    idea Re: Do this things when your mobile Phone is lost

    Very nice article. The tool which you have suggested works (I instantly tried this in my mobile phone). However I know one another solution of this
    phone-losso-mania, which is a software named Maverick Secure Mobile. It helps in getting the data and mobile back after lost or stolen. Not only this but one can control all the activities happening with the phone and can also secretly here the conversation of the thief. It sounds very great but I am not sure about its results. Would like you to research this product and have your views on it.

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