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Thread: Cannot connect to Nokia PC Suite

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    Cannot connect to Nokia PC Suite

    I am using Nokia N73 mobile phone but unable to connect to Nokia PC Suite installed on my computer

    also tried with an IVT BlueSoleil bluetooth dongle and a Nokia 3230

    1) I run the "Get Connected" Wizard on PC Suite, and select the connection type as 'Bluetooth connection'.
    2) On the next screen, i am asked to select the bluetooth stack to use. I select the 'IVT Bluesoleil' stack.
    3) Now, when i click 'Next', i get the error: "Cannot use the connection type. Check that all needed hardware, software and drivers are available."

    Could it be that i need a newer version of PC Suite? My current version is 6.6.18.

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    its really very easy to connect with nokia 3230 too...and a ivt blue soleil dongle.

    Follow the following steps
    1:switcn on the blue tooth dongle.
    2:switch on the blue tooth of your cell phone
    3:pen the pc suite
    4:clik on manage connections
    5:check the bluetooth(IVT blue soleil) box
    6:after ticking on the check box place your mouse pointer over the bluetooth option and single click on it to select the option.
    7:click on configure option
    8:a window will pop on next(the wizard will start searching for the mobile.
    9: Select your mobile and clik on next.
    10:and there you go...ur mobile is now connected to your pc suite.

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