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Thread: Ipod Reformatting Problem

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    Ipod Reformatting Problem

    I am facing many problems while reformatting my iPod. It doesn't recognizes in iTunes, I can see it in My Computer but it often crashes. When I run iPod updater it use to get the service error, so I followed the guide on the apple site.

    I reinstalled iTunes and the iPod updater worked for the first time and i clicked the 'Restore' option. But then I got the error saying "Cannot reformat: disk write error". Now when I run iPod updater it just says "initializing" and crashes there.

    Fix one mp3 player now the other ones goes all wrong. Man I have bad luck with computers...

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    I had the same problem one time with a clients iPod mini. Best thing to do is reset the iPod (Toggle the Hold switch from on, to off, then press and hold down Menu and Select buttons until you see the Apple logo). Then, follow the below:

    How to restore iPod for Windows XP and 2000

    This procedure assumes that the iPod preferences are in their default condition, which means iTunes automatically opens whenever you connect iPod to your computer.

    Warning: The restore process cannot be undone. All of your songs and files will be deleted. Always make a backup of your important data.

    The USB cable is included with iPod mini and iPod (Click Wheel). When restoring with USB you will have to disconnect the iPod from the computer and attach it to the iPod AC Adapter to finish the restore (a graphic of a plug on the iPod will indicate if you have to do this - iPod mini (Second Generation) models connecting via USB do not need to be connected to the AC power adapter).

    1. Connect iPod to your computer using the cable that came with iPod. iTunes opens and updates iPod with your music library and playlists. The iTunes display tells you when the iTunes music update is complete.
    2. Quit iTunes.
    3. Open the Updater application. Click the Start button, point to All Programs, then point to iPod, and click Updater.
    4. Click Restore. An alert box appears to confirm you want to restore iPod.
    5. Click Restore. A progress bar appears.
    6. If you have iPod 2.0 software or later, or an iPod mini, skip to Step 9.
    7. When the factory settings have been restored, unplug the cable from iPod.
    8. When prompted by iPod, reconnect the cable. After iPod has turned on, and you see the message "Do not disconnect". Close the Updater window and iTunes automatically opens. Note: For iPod Software 1.1, when iPod is in Disk Mode a FireWire logo appears on the screen instead of the "Do not disconnect" message.
    9. In the iTunes Setup Assistant window, type a name for iPod in the space provided.
    10. The "Automatically update my iPod" option is selected by default. Deselect this option if you wish, then click Done. The iTunes main window appears, and the download status appears in the iTunes display.
    11. Wait until the iTunes display says the update is complete.
    12. Quit iTunes.
    13. Disconnect the cable from iPod. After a few moments, the Language display appears on iPod's screen.
    14. Select a language.
    15. Quit the iPod Software Updater application.

    This was the only way I could get my clients iPod mini fixed. The biggest thing to remember is that the updater program also has a "restore" function. However, this wouldn't work until I reset the iPod.

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    Yeah I can't even get past step 1. I connect my iPod to my computer, attempt to open iTunes, which then my computer freezes. I tried just connecting it and going straight to the updater, but then it says "Plug in an iPod to update it". I also tried using the iPod earlier today, and wow it really has a mind of its own, it seems that it attempts to play a song for about 30sec, go nowhere, then randomly skips to the next song, attempt to play it and so on. Anyone think this is grounds from claiming warranty, this would be the second time already..

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    Did you try a reset without having the unit plugged into the PC? I was able to reset it easily by plugging it into the wall charging cable, or by using the firewire cable. This was also true for updating/restoring it. I had more luck using the firewire cable.

    In any case, if your having that much difficulty with it I would certainly give Apple a call. They are in a far better position to help you out with this. If you can return it to the place you purchased it for an exchange then I would do so. Even if it's the second time I wouldn't let that stop you. If you can exchange it maybe you might want to consider getting a different iPod series.

    Hope you get this figured out.

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