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Thread: Sony Ericsson Models in 2007 J110, K550, K810, W200, W610, W880

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    Sony Ericsson Models in 2007 J110, K550, K810, W200, W610, W880

    Sony Ericsson, the joint-venture of Swedish Ericsson and Japanese Sony, held in Paris a press conference to present its new range of mobile telephones for the beginning of the year 2007, a few days before the opening of the congress 3GSM World of Barcelona. It is on this occasion ten products and accessories associated which were announced and which will be marketed in the next months.

    Concerning the segment of the mobiles of entry of range of the mark, these are four telephones which were presented with J110, J120, K200 and K220. Waited in the current of the second quarter 2007, the two products of the series “J100” of Sony Ericsson are GSM and equipped with a radio operator FM (J120 only) while they remain rather fine with 17 mm thickness. For the remainder, the latter are rather traditional with a screen STN 96x64 pixels of 65.000 colors and will be marketed less than appox five thousand rupees except subscription.

    Sony Ericsson J110

    The two other models of the series “K200” of the mark have for their part a compatibility GSM and GPRS (possible use of MMS), in addition to one camera numerical VGA. K220 integrates for its part in more one Tuner FM RDS.

    In the range of Cyber-Shot mobiles of Sony Ericsson, these are two compounds which were announced with K550 and K810. Asserting to date to have marketed 4,5 million “photophones” Cyber-Shot, it is a first terminal of this compatible type imode which was presented by the mark and carrying the denomination “K550im” in version imode or “K550” in traditional version.

    This one has a numerical camera of 2 Megapixels with autofocus, of a Bluetooth connector industry, a port for memory board MemoryStick Micro m2, of a radio operator FM RDS and a compatibility quadribande EDGE, the whole for a thickness of 14 Misters finally Integrating an interface to publish notes in a blog blogger, the mobile K550im I-mode will be marketed next April with a black hull within the networks of the operator Bouygues Telecom.

    “Sony Ericsson K550”

    The second Cyber-Shot mobile of Sony Ericsson thus bears the name of “K810” and for its part integrates a numerical camera of 3,2 Megapixels with autofocus and flash xenon, a compatibility 3G, a Tuner FM RDS and a port for memory board MemoryStick Micro m2. Logical successor of K800, K810 is different by enlightened retro metal keys, shortcut keys and a better protection of the optics of his camera.

    K810 and K550 integrate moreover always the Bestpic functions (taken automatic several stereotypes to keep only the best) and Photo fix (improvement of the clearness of the images). K810 of Sony Ericsson is awaited in May 2007 for a still unknown price.

    “Sony Ericsson K810”

    Lastly, in the range of the mobiles Walkman of Sony Ericsson, these are three products which were officialized this day with W200, W610 and W880. If W200, first “musicphone” of 2007 of the mark were already presented at the time of THESE of Las Vegas, this last always integrates 128 Mb of memory, a Tuner FM and a camera VGA. GSM and GPRS, the mobile Walkman W200 of Sony Ericsson will be marketed in France in April 2007.

    “Sony Ericsson W200”

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    Always in the range of the mobiles Walkman of Sony Ericsson, W610 integrates 512 for its part Mb of memory, a radio operator FM, a numerical camera of 2 Megapixels and finally a connector industry without wire stereo Bluetooth (support of stereo the Bluetooth helmets). EDGE and equipped with a screen 262.000 colors of 2 inches, this mobile is equipped with a function of recognition of musics (via a distant waiter) and is awaited in the current of the second quarter 2007.

    Lastly, the last Walkman mobile of the mark bears the name of W880 and is top-of-the-range of the mobiles presented for the beginning of year 2007. W880 is announced like the “product star on the market” by David Mignot, the director marketing of Sony Ericsson. It has 1 indeed Gb of internal storage, of a compatibility 3G, a port MemoryStick Micro m2 and a numerical camera of 2 Megapixels, the whole for only 9,4 mm thickness.

    Delivered with the software “Player Walkman” in version 2.0, it will be thus possible to choose an album to be listened according to the photograph of its small pocket. With a 18 hour endurance in continuous listening of musics, Sony Ericsson W880 is waited next on March 20 in France for a price from appox. Rs. 23000 to 27000 except subsidy operator.

    “Sony Ericsson W880”

    Recently become the fourth world actor of mobile telephony, passing in front of LG Electronics, it remains to be known if this new line of goods cut out in three categories (entered of range, Walkman and Cyber-Shot), will be sufficient to maintain its growth rate raised, without to lower its margins. Sony Ericsson indeed specified that with more than 70 million marketed terminals the year spent, the average price of a mobile of the mark is always located at appox. Rs. 8000.
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