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Thread: K700i 6230 mega-photoshoot>>>aka

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    aka911 Guest

    ohmy K700i 6230 mega-photoshoot>>>aka

    Hullo are the pics that I have taken using k700i ,6230-(also some pics of the phones too)

    First come the pics taken by K700i;;;;
    (my firmware is R2a;some of you may find the pics a bit noisy but then I hope to get that rectified at SE service centre..)

    General comments:
    1)dont start guessing;The guy in blue shirt is not ME.It is my"fufa".Incidentaly It is the best pic that I have taken with K700i. Almost everything in that pic is perfect.The colour balance is very good and noise is minimal.

    2)the wide sort of image of PC that you see has been clicked using the panaroma feature of K700i which lets you click wide "subjects"...quite fun actually..

    3)The two pics of my garden are also very good;;;;;
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    aka911 Guest

    ThumbsUp more K700i

    some more K700i pics

    >various modes are avilable like sepia,negative,etc...
    >with interpolation u can get 1.2 mp pics that really suck!
    >that guy is my gardener
    >that bike pic was taken in motion;

    So you can say that camera is very good in sunlight;But under artificial lighting or low lights it absolutely sucks.......
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    Feb 2004
    here r few more k700i camera pics...!! this mega shoot is gr8....

    i completely agree with low light camera is not that good k700i...!!

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    aka911 Guest
    hey...can u plz tell me what is this interpolation thing...?
    and which of ur pics r from k700i and which r from 6230...!!
    press the following combination at standby screen to bring up the service menu where you can check the software version......
    wait least wait till I post the pics taken by 6230..I will do it the way what is ur firmware version???
    Do u want to share themes???
    my firmware version is R2a041.....not does any know this the latest...and how can i get this updated....!!
    camera s/w version 3.9
    no 6230 cam scores in night mode....but day time....with full natural colors....k700i.....has much more to offer...!!

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    aka911 Guest
    hey retesh;interpolation is when you use software to increase the resolution of the picture.K700i has a vga camera but it uses software interpolation to give you megapixel images.But that is really of no use because the quality of the pics becomes pathetic....


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    Feb 2004
    ok...i will post some interpolated pics(hope i spelled correct)....and then see the diffrence.....heres two more to the collection

    and 1 more thing how do u ck ur firmware of k700i....?
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    aka911 Guest

    ThumbsUp pics of the phones

    these are the pics of the two beauties side by side;;;

    All these pics are clicked by my dad's 7650.
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    aka911 Guest
    "<" means move the joystick to left
    ">"means move the joystick to right

    I think you should ask such questions in pm or the mods will get angry...

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    aka911 Guest
    mine is also R2a041...what is ur cam software version???? U can get firmware updated at SE service centre... better do it because the batt life will definitely improve...

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    darthcoder Guest
    Hey hey does changing/upgrading the firmware version improve the battery life in K700i?If that is so i am going rightaway for it......waiting for replies....
    K700i i come

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    Feb 2004
    ya its does improve battery life....u shd get it my get to know more abt k700i...!!

    Sony Ericsson K700i review


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    aka911 Guest
    It improves the batt life slightly but more then that
    >it improves the camera a bit
    >it improves sms speed
    >it delays the "low batt" message.On my firmware when I have full charge and I use the phone very heavily then I get a "low bat"message after 3 hrs.But even after the "low batt" message the phone lasts more 3 hrs of heavy usage.SO on the new firmware you will get low batt warning when only 10 percent of juice is left.

    This is what I have heard frm other forums.I am lookin to get my phone upgraded when i go to BLR.

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    aka911 Guest

    ohmy 6230 cam pics...

    These are pics frm my 6230(3.14)

    very little noise as compared to K700i but the color reproduction is not that good...

    Pic1>one of the very best night mode pics..was taken in a bus in very dim lighting conditions(k700i would have given spray painting in these conditions )...6230 just blows away the competition.

    Pic2>the mirror effect..Yeah I know.the guy in the pic is smart.that is because it's me.

    Pic3>some beautiful gals at barista,mg road.

    Pic4>best pic I took with my 6230. keep in mind that the pic is slightly darkish because It was a rainy day in BLR.
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    aka911 Guest

    ThumbsUp Grand Finale!!!

    Now this is IT.I have clicked many random photos today,1st using 6230 and then using can yourself judge the difference.both day mode and nite mode pics are included.Happy imaging.

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    aka911 Guest
    some points

    >k700i seems to have better color
    >6230 has better contrast
    >in 6230 u can directly send a photo via bluetooth after clickin it
    >in k700i u have to go to file manager which is a big hassle
    >"tennis" game in k700 is very good,infact the best game that I have ever played on mobile phones(ofcourse not considering .sis games)
    >when using nite mode 6230 is better
    >but when u use note mode +flash in k700i it seems sony has the upper hand.
    >K700i takes 10 secs to open "my pics" if u have 20 vga pics
    >6230 takes just 3 secs to open a fuly loaded mmc with 100 pics.bloody fast,this nokia.
    >all in all inspite of so so cam,average screen,ok looks,body panels that shake like a rattlesnake and bad earphones,I will keep 6230 (and give k700i to my bro)..ofcourse I can take it frm him when I want;;;he uses the cell only 4 makin calls,u see!!!

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