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Thread: iPhone 5S is not charging, help

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    iPhone 5S is not charging, help

    My brother just purchased a new iPhone 5S and he found out that it is not charging from the start. If it is kept for charging then the light comes up, which shows that it is charging, but if it is unplugged from the charger then it has not charged up at all. So, does this mean that I have got a defective iPhone 5S? Please help

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    Re: iPhone 5S is not charging, help

    Can you visit the nearest apple store and hand them your iPhone 5S, so that they can test the phone and see where the problem lies actually. If they find your iPhone 5S to be faulty the they will eventually replace your smartphone with a new one. If you go to Vodafone then they will also send the phone to Apple store only and it will consume more days.
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    Re: iPhone 5S is not charging, help

    Have you ensured that both ends of your iPhone and the charger are connected in securely. I am thinking that it could be a bad usb cable so try to charge with a different one and see if that works. Also, check to make sure that the wall socket is working fine. By any chance have you got your charging port wet or so? If nothing is working then take it to the Apple Store and ask for a replacement.

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    Re: iPhone 5S is not charging, help

    Try to straighten the usb cable with your hands and see if your iPhone 5S is charging properly. If this doesnt work then check if there is any USB connection problem. Once you connect your phone for the first time then try to restart it and check if it works. If nothing works, then there must be something wrong with the charging port and it needs to be repaired somehow.

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