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Thread: cherrymobile T18 games

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    cherrymobile T18 games

    how to install games for my cherrymobile T18 cellphone

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    Re: cherrymobile T18 games

    Well, have you tried installing java games in your cherry mobile T18 phone? You can get some java games from this link - Free Download Games & Applications for China Mobile. Just connect your mobile phone to computer and then transfer the files in the phone and install it from the app manager.

    If java file is not supported in your mobile phone then you can download either .mrp files or nes files of games from the below links:

    How to install .NES games in China Mobile - Step by Step
    Download and Install .mrp Game file in China Mobile Phone, if java or .nes games are unsupported
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    Re: cherrymobile T18 games

    It is a china phone. There are no games available for the same. Why are you looking games for such old phone. You can try checking out one things. See whether this mobile supports java or not. You can then download java apps and games in the phone and test it out. This would be the easiest way to get some kind of nice updates for the mobile phone. Most of the china phone supports java application. But there can be problem with the screen output due to outdated operating system. There are many website that offer free java games and applications.

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    Re: cherrymobile T18 games

    The best thing you can do here is buy a budget android phones. There are ample of them available in the market. If you really need a good device for gaming and other stuff then buying a android is far more better. This device offer millions of free games from Google Play. Buy one that has ICS or Jellybean OS. Do not go for Gingerbread or lower OS edition because then you won't get good app support. I am having a LAVA IRIS 501 phone which is great enough for day to day usage and also for gaming. It works nicely and also has a good battery output. Once charge it works nicely for entire day.

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