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Thread: Sharp SH530U 5 VS Micromax A100 5" smartphone

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    Sharp SH530U 5 VS Micromax A100 5" smartphone

    Couple of days ago i heard news about Micromax who launched a large 5inch display smartphone named Canvas Superfone A100. I saw its features and specifications on web but at the same time i also got another smartphone with 5inch display called Sharp SH530U. Now as both seems to be good and my requirement is to have a one smartphone with such large display, i am confused between both of these. Can you guys help me choose one best among these phones ? Thanks in Advance.

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    Re: Sharp SH530U 5 VS Micromax A100 5" smartphone

    Infact, i heard the name "Sharp SH530U" for the first time. i dont even know which company is this. Whereas Micromax is one of the reputed manufacturer. They have made many durable products with good hardware and softwares. Also if we compare the prices for both of these device, Micromax A100 is available for just 10000/- Rupees whereas Sharp SH530U costs upto 23000/-. So, obviously i'll like buy A100 if i need a 5inch display smartphone.

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    Re: Sharp SH530U 5 VS Micromax A100 5" smartphone

    Both devices are nearly same if compared with their CPU power, Ram, storage, camera and all. But yes, there is huge difference in their prices. Hence, personally i will suggest to with Micromax A100 if it is available in your region.

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    Re: Sharp SH530U 5 VS Micromax A100 5" smartphone

    I bought SH530U couple of days ago and believe me its too good in performance. if you guys have used Micromax ever you would have noticed the overheating and battery problems, but there is no such issues in Sharp SH530U. I am happy with the same by just playing 2000/- extra.

    For your reference, below ma listing the specs of SH530U :

    • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS
    • 1 Ghz MediaTek MT 6577 dual-core processor
    • 512 MB RAM
    • 4 GB of internal memory
    • 5 inches display screen
    • 5 mega pixel camera
    • 3 mega pixel front facing camera
    • 1930 mAh battery

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