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Thread: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 pros and cons

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 pros and cons

    I am willing to get Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 , I have checked out its specification and features and I am quite impressed with it. Here I just want to get a short review of it, not actually a review but I want to know about its pros and cons to have a better idea of it. So is there anyone who has used it and can share pros and cons of Galaxy Note 10 according to his experience.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 pros and cons

    I have recently bought Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and here is what I think regarding it:

    • Touch is fast and fluid
    • Faster and better browsing experience
    • 3D effect on 10.1 inch screen is awesome
    • Quite responsive screen no matter you use finger or stylus
    • Good onboard speakers
    • Great video performance

    • No HD display
    • No Social Hub
    • No support for SDXC memory cards

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 pros and cons

    Things that I liked about Galaxy Note 10.1 is its home screen for carrying out basic operations quickly. It is quite easy to learn, it has four way rotations for better viewing angle. It is quite lightweight and provides easy access to social networking sites. It has Great picture quality and sound quality with sleek design. I am satisfied with the battery life I am getting with it, which is about 7 to 8 hours. It was worth getting it.

    Things that I do not like is that it does not allow for running multimedia on two or more web pages at the same time. Just for eg if I am watching a video on youtube and if I open a new tab and start other video there then the first video will gets stopped. I will have to play it again; it doesnít getís played back to back. Text input is slow if I am posting anything on blog, facebook status or commenting on any online site. You wonít face the same issue while texting somebody; it is just when you are writing something online. I am not sure if thatís specific in my case.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 pros and cons

    Here is my opinion regarding pros and cons of Galaxy Note 10.1:

    Adobe Flash support
    Droid OS
    Good battery life
    Good picture quality and sound quality
    Lightweight and Sleek design
    Customizable home screens

    Canít run media simultaneously
    Documents functioning are lacking and need further improvement
    No task manager
    Takes more time get charged completely as compared to its battery life
    Poor text input design, especially when texting or chatting online

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 pros and cons

    According to me, below are some of the points that i want to note about this tablet:

    1. Using S-Pen feels good on 10.1 inch screen, donít know why some people are complaining about it
    2. Great picture quality as well as sound quality
    3. Split-screen multitasking
    4. Good rear and front camera

    1. Build quality appears poor and lack modern design
    2. Very simple user interface, itís simply not eye catching
    3. No high definition display

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