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Thread: Why does Apple removed Youtube App from iPhone

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    Why does Apple removed Youtube App from iPhone

    Apple has removed Youtube app from its current iOS version. I was reading a new where I found this thing. I am not able to understand why. Youtube is a nice app to watch online videos especially when you are on wifi. Would it be possible to add the same through Internet or app store.

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    Re: Why does Apple removed Youtube App from iPhone

    Yes you can add the same. Apple has not only removed Youtube but they also has removed Google maps from new iOS devices. This looks like some harsh decision take by Apple. But you can get that from App store. Apple has just excluded that to make the interface more cleaner and better.

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    Re: Why does Apple removed Youtube App from iPhone

    This does not states anything. Apple had just removed a app, they had not discontinued a Youtube completely for iOS. In older version Youtube app comes by default configured with preloaded stuff. Apple might be thinking of something to provide better stuff. Removing a app does not put any difference on the operating system. They might be saving space for something. This does not states some misunderstanding between those technical giants. Long before I had gone through a news which says that Apple is working on its own mapping technology which will be exclusive for iOS users only. This mapping thing will offer you better services. It can true to some extent that if Apple adds Youtube in iOS they might have to pay to Google. By removing this they might be saving some amount. There are many similar apps that you will find on App market which help you to stream Youtube media directly on your phone screen. Removing a single app does not make any sense really.

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    Re: Why does Apple removed Youtube App from iPhone

    There is no final updates provided on the coming version of iOS. For getting all information on it we have to wait back for the final release. Apple looks planing to add it is own type of traditional application in the phone.

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    Re: Why does Apple removed Youtube App from iPhone

    I was wondering whether what new Apple can offer. Last time they had worked hard in improving the voice thing which worked for many. But this time they might be working to improve the interface. The issue is that when they provide a new phone they older one gets wasted. There should be some feature through which we can get easy upgrade. I also heard that Apple is working on iPad mini. A much portable version of bigger ipad offering a great capability and features. Even if Apple does not give support for Youtube videos there are number of third party app you can go for. Now what actually I am waiting is good quality of feature that apple wil be adding in coming new phone.

    I had checked the feature of last one which are not well fascinating. Apple had removed Youtube app which really does not put any special support on iOS devices.

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    Re: Why does Apple removed Youtube App from iPhone

    When you check properly the Youtube is mostly control by Google. So it looks like Apple does not want any other control on the device. This is a bit weird but really make sense. Somehow iOS app will be rich with many features that older one does not has.

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