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Thread: mt6235 iphone password override

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    mt6235 iphone password override

    Hi everyone.
    I'm hopeing someone can help. I bought my son a generic iphone 4s.
    It runs Media Tech MT6235 hardware.
    My son put a password into it to lock it, and now we cannot unlock it.
    he is positive he is useing the correct numbers because it asked him to confirm, so he put the same numbers in twice.
    We cannot unlock it ever since. We need to override/cancel password

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    Re: mt6235 iphone password override

    Well, what you can do is download the china mobile phone pc suite from this thread here and then install it on your pc and connect your mobile phone to the pc. After that just try to reset your phone to factory settings and then disconnect it and then try to boot the phone and see if the password is removed from it or not.
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