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Thread: notifications wont display on Asha 302

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    notifications wont display on Asha 302

    My phone doesn't show me any notifications. Is there any one else facing this problem with Asha 302 or is it just me ? Let me describe the same in details. Like other Nokia Phones, though your phone goes to power saver mode or screen saver mode, it shows the missed call or sms notifications, right ? Yes, it shows but it is not happening with my 302. It wont show up any notification for anything unless i click any button and light up the screen. I dont know why is t happening. I even restored to factory settings but still the same problem. Is it any kind of issue or all Asha 302 are made like the same ?

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    Re: notifications wont display on Asha 302

    Yeah, you are correct. The phone displays the notification when it goes to screen saver mode as well. Its strange your phone is not showing up the same even after factory reset. Well, in such situation i can suggest you two things. First, if it is still under warranty simply take it to Nokia care and get it fixed or replaced. Second, try updating the firmware.

    If there is no update, no problem, simply re-install the existing firmware again. Reinstalling/updating firmwares use to fix most of the software related problems and this is the software problem. try these out and let me know the results.

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