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Thread: lumia 900 buggy Software Update

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    lumia 900 buggy Software Update

    Is it just me or anyone else noticed the same ? Am having a Lumia 900 using it from last 2 months. Was working fine inducing the scrolling. But 4 days ago i did software update on the same and since than instead of improvement i started getting problem with the scrolling. Most of the things improved, having problem with only smooth scrolling. Talking in details, before update it was working very smooth but since updated to the latest firmware i can notice that smoothness is just disappeared and while scrolling, it just scrolls sometime 3 tiles. most of the times it scrolls only 2 tiles. is there any way to fix it ? It will be good if you can give me the steps to roll back to the earlier version.

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    Re: lumia 900 buggy Software Update

    Even i updated my Lumia recently but i dint noticed any problem with the Scrolling. What is your firmware version ? Are you sure update went fine without any problem ?

    I'll suggest you re-update the firmware on your device. It may fix the problem. It happens many times, few things change or start behaving weird after software update. But if you think it is not the part of update, many times re-installing the firmware use to fix it. You should try it out.

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