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Thread: is HTC and Facebook really making Facebook Phone

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    is HTC and Facebook really making Facebook Phone

    As we all know now a days facebook is in boom, having billions of users accessing facebook from PCs, laptops, tabs or smartphones. I heard many times that HTC is going to launch a smartphone specially made for facebook ? But many websites say it is a just a rumor. I am personally excited about the phone. If it got released i'll surely buy one for me as am in need of a new phone. So i want to confirm whether they are really going to release this phone or its just a rumor so that i would wait for it.

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    Re: is HTC and Facebook really making Facebook Phone

    I dont think so. The is just a rumor roaming on web since a year but there is yet no such device. Recently i heard that the phone will be released in start 2013 but according to few sources, facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg said that there is no such project. He simply said that facebook is an application that is already present in almost every smartphones releasing today or those launched in past so whats the need of making a particular facebook phone

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    Re: is HTC and Facebook really making Facebook Phone

    yeah, that is correct. The CEO itself said that there is no sense in making a Facebook phone. instead he is planning to integrate Facebook with almost all smartphones. he wants FB to be the integral part with all hardware and softwares coming now a day.

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