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Thread: MSI GT683 Turbo button is not working properly

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    MSI GT683 Turbo button is not working properly

    It has just been a week since I have bought MSI GT683 laptop and now Turbo button is not working properly. I donít know what went wrong with the same, in the start it used to light up well just after I click it but now I have found that it lights up after a couple of clicks and turns off automatically after some seconds. Is there anyone who has faced this weird issue and has an idea about it?? Is there anything by which I can fix this issue??

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    Re: MSI GT683 Turbo button is not working properly

    I have not faced the issue but if you want then you can try resetting EC, If you are not aware of it then you can refer to the below steps:

    • First turn off your laptop, take out the battery, unplug it from charging and wait for 5 minutes.
    • After that insert the battery and power it up

    Just give it a try and see if that’s making any difference or not.

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    Re: MSI GT683 Turbo button is not working properly

    That was the first thing that I had tried and I have tried resetting EC in that way several times but thatís not making any difference in my case. Other than this I have tried reinstalling the SCM software as well and even that didnít help. I have tried rebooting the laptop several times as well but no avail, the Turbo button is responding in the same way. It does shows up turbo on at the screen and I the system tray as well but I donít know why it does not light up after I click on it. I have installed all the drivers by now and have installed the windows recommended update as well. Anyways is there anything else that I can try out further to fix it?? Or I should just ignore the same?? Can it be due to a hardware issue? I donít know why but I am getting a feeling that there is some kind of hardware issue since I have tried out troubleshooting it from the software end.

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    Re: MSI GT683 Turbo button is not working properly

    I have checked out for the same and have come across people having similar issue as well, some of them have mentioned that they were able to fix it out by downloading and installing the below utility from msi site, if you want then you can give it a try and check out if it is actually helping.
    • NVidia VGA OC
    • Type Ė Utility
    • OS - Win7 64, Win7 32
    • Version - 12.06.0601
    • Release Date - 2012-06-25
    • File Size - 14.31 MB
    • Download - link

    Do let me know if the issue is getting solved by this.

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