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Thread: Vehicle Power Adapter comes along with Motorola Atrix HD

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    Vehicle Power Adapter comes along with Motorola Atrix HD

    I purchased a Motorola Atrix HD for my personal use and I opened the box to get it out. Along with this smartphone, I found accessories like earphone, USB cable, Normal power adapter, manual and so on. But I didnít find any Vehicle Power Adapter with it. I need to travel a lot and that is why I need to have a charger in my car so that I can charge batteries of Motorola Atrix HD while driving. Can someone confirm if there is a Vehicle Power Adapter for this smartphone that should have come along with the pack?

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    Re: Vehicle Power Adapter comes along with Motorola Atrix HD

    Actually you got your pack right, there is no Vehicle Power Adapter present in the pack of Motorola Atrix HD. You will get the USB cable along with the phone and a normal power adapter to connect and charge the phone in home or office. You can also charge the phone by connecting it to the computer or laptop by means of the USB cable. Even Motorola hasnít released any official Vehicle Power Adapter for purchase. I have browsed the accessories section of the Motorola Atrix HD, but couldnít find any. I think one will have to buy another Vehicle Power Adapter that might be compatible with Motorola Atrix HD.

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    Re: Vehicle Power Adapter comes along with Motorola Atrix HD

    Why am I getting a feeling that Motorola is not confident that Motorola Atrix HD will sell much as there are many other smartphones available in market that are much better than it. Usually we know that smartphones have low battery life and thus we need to charge it regularly. Also after reading the specifications of Motorola Atrix HD, I found that this smartphone has battery with very less capacity. So I think a Vehicle Power Adapter should have been released. I am thinking that Motorola must be waiting for enough handsets of Motorola Atrix HD to be sold so that they can release new range of accessories.

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    Re: Vehicle Power Adapter comes along with Motorola Atrix HD

    Motorola Atrix HD has USB charging, so I think that any other Vehicle Power Adapter that is compatible with other latest smartphones of Motorola will work for it. There is no need of making fuss about this as one can easily connect it to any laptop and place it inside the car while travelling. At least you have a car charger for laptop. So in short you are just using another device to get the phone charged. Another piece of advice, it is a known fact that Motorola Atrix HD has a poor battery life, so if you need to travel a lot, then this smartphone is not meant for you.

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