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Thread: Shortcuts for Motorola Atrix HD

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    Shortcuts for Motorola Atrix HD

    Ive purchased Motorola Atrix HD a day ago and I am still exploring all it features, anyways I just wanted to know if there is a list of all the Shortcuts for the phone?? I have been looking after the same in other forums as well and have found one mentioning that there is a list of all the Shortcuts at it official site. I have gone through the whole Motorola Atrix HD but have not yet found it. is there anyone who can help me out in finding it out post it here?? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Shortcuts for Motorola Atrix HD

    Even I am looking for the same, by now I have explored some of them by myself but I have not come across a complete list of all Shortcuts. I am mentioning the ones I am aware of:
    • Screen shot - Hold Pwr + Vol Dwn
    • Creating groups in your dock Just drag and drop second icon on top of the first in your dock bar, when you do so a group is created automatically after icons form cascade.
    • Icons like phone e-mail, SMS etc are having arrows, so to get thumbnail preview of the contents in that item simply Swipe up over that icon. You can close the same by Swiping down.

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    Re: Shortcuts for Motorola Atrix HD

    Here are few more ive found:
    1. If you are using "circles" widget then you can swipe down on each circle for getting additional features.
    2. Swipe clock - Doing this will dismiss notifications
    3. Tap the clock Doing this will brings up alarm
    4. Swipe the weather - Doing this will switch cities
    5. Tap the weather - Doing this will get you a detailed forecast
    6. Swipe the storage - Doing this will let you toggle between storage, battery, and settings
    7. Tap on storage/battery/ settings - Doing this will bring up the configuration of the respected item

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    Re: Shortcuts for Motorola Atrix HD

    Thanks for the same guys, I will check them out. I know there are some more Shortcuts and I will really like to know them as well. So if anyone gets an update regarding the Shortcuts then do share it here, it will be appreciative. I really wish Motorola would have mentioned the shortcut keys in their official site review. I think we will surely save a lot of time once we get list of all shortcuts for carrying out day to day task.

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