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Thread: Motorola Atrix HD has good battery life

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    Motorola Atrix HD has good battery life

    This Motorola Atrix HD is really an amazing phone. Before I purchased this phone the first thing I did was check out its specification which attracted me a lot but I never thought that I will ever get impress with the battery life of this smartphone. I have noticed that the battery life of this phone is not just long enough but also it is far much better than other smartphones that come in the same range. No doubt the battery life is far better than the previous Version i.e. Motorola Atrix. What do you guys think? Didnít you feel that the battery life of this phone is really great? Please have your comments and opinions here and let me know what you think about this phoneís battery.

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    Re: Motorola Atrix HD has good battery life

    I do agree with you the life line of Motorola Atrix HD is awesome. I already experimented and checked the total batter life of this phone and found it quite satisfying.

    When I use this phone with fully charged battery at an average level then the battery goes for around 14-15 hours which was somewhat acceptable for me. I havenít checked the battery with heavy usage. Then I also want to test it under a simple standby condition. Only then I can make out the difference in the affect that is taking place in the battery power of this phone. I am sure in all tests i will get a satisfying result. the one about whom I was really concerned was the average usage condition which resulted in a positive way.

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    Re: Motorola Atrix HD has good battery life

    I still didnít get how exactly you got the battery life impressive. If you compare this phoneís battery life with other I donít think Atrix HD will even come in the top three listing. When I check on internet I found the battery life comparison between current three most discussed smartphoneís and unfortunately Atrix HD was last in the chart:

    • Motorola Atrix HD - 5:30
    • Samsung Galaxy S III - 9:10
    • HTC One X - 8:55

    I also found that HTC is until now the best phone with regards to the battery standby time. even in the list you can see that HTC One X is sharing a decent battery life. The reason for the One X battery life being better than Atrix HD is because HTC always comes up with the best stand by time.

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    Re: Motorola Atrix HD has good battery life

    I have done enough tests with the battery life of Motorola Atrix HD. The batter life of this phone with an average usage was around 14 to 15 hours where as if you use Juice Defender you would get much better battery performance with the same average usage. In my case when I used Juice defender the phone worked around more than 20 hours which is really amazing. I also once tried playing a high resolution multiplayer game in this phone keep the battery fully charged. The charge was completely empty after 2 hours. Comparing to Atrix 2 the battery life is not so happening. If you a kind of person who prefer battery saving applications like juice defender then I think you wonít have any complain regarding the battery life of Atrix HD but if you prefer depending purely upon the original battery life then itís quite difficult for you to survive on this phone.

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    Re: Motorola Atrix HD has good battery life

    Not so keen user of smartphone might find this phone attractive as they will not spend much time on Atrix HD and therefore the battery life would be saved. Not just the battery life but also the camera quality is not really satisfying for me. There is other more complains about Atrix HD but however battery life and the bad camera quality are the major ones amongst all. The person who stays indoor and do not mind charging the battery twice a day would not find it difficult to stay with this phone but a guy like me who stays out 12 hours a day cannot survive with this phone.

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    Re: Motorola Atrix HD has good battery life

    Yes you are right, even I have noticed that people who are not so active with smarthphone and who are an average user of it do not face any problem with the battery life. And I am one amongst them. After I charged the battery of Atrix HD with full charge and when I took it off for using it the battery life went around 10 to 12 hours. I have no complains with amount of time I managed to utilize the battery. I made quite an average kind of usage with keeping a medium brightness and all other settings to a normal level. Overall I used the phone as I use other phones normally and then I got such decent amount of battery life. i donít think there is any need for me to test the battery under different conditions (why should I?) as I know that I am never going to use the phone in that manner.

    Anyways for me Atrix HD has a better battery life which is better for me.

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